Healing Meditations

My Healing Meditations help you Expand, Ground, Clear and Open your energy. If used regularly they will promote self-healing, bring you into balance and help keep you centred and relaxed.  Once you download these to your computer, you can listen using the computer, or you can transfer them to an Mp3 player (such as your smartphone or tablet) and play with headphones any time and as many times you want to.

Please don’t listen when you are operating machinery or driving a car, on a bike. For these meditations to reach their full potential you need to sit in a quiet space and give them your full attention.

All of my meditations are €10 (approx $11.40 USD) and running time is between 20-40 minutes. You may need to make some space for yourself after the meditation if emotions come up. Please do not listen to this meditation while driving or operating machinery!