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Abby Wynne, Shamanic Psychotherapist

I love to teach, I’m passionate about spreading my knowledge and wisdom. I have been teaching for over 20 years, I started out teaching science, then computers, and then I worked in adult literacy.

I am a course designer too, I worked as a subject matter expert and a scriptwriter for an instructional design company, creating courseware for schools and for adult learning. I use my course design background to bring an ease and a practical way for learning spiritual and psychological concepts.

I find that providing a combination of visual information such as worksheets and articles, along with audio recordings and video provide different types of learners with different styles of materials, which gives more of an opportunity to understand and embody the concepts that I cover in my online groups and in classes.

The Difference Between Online On-Demand and Online Schedulled Classes

My online on-demand classes are pre-recorded. You can join them any time you wish and spend as long with each module as you need. You get to keep each class forever and you can listen to the class as often as you wish. You work on your own.

A schedulled class has a specific start and end date and will only run on its designated dates. The class will have access to a forum, most usually as a secret, private Facebook group, where the students can interact with each other in real-time to support each other and discuss what is coming up as it comes up. Classes are usually in webinar or email format, and are recorded. While you will receive a recording of each class to download and keep, similar to online classes, each webinar is structured to facilitate the needs of the group, so they are interactive, and tailored to the specific needs of each group.

If you join me on a schedulled class you are invited back at a discounted rate if you wish to join me again. For example, Raise your Vibration Bootcamp takes place twice a year, and most people who join me on the bootcamp return time and time again to deepen their transformational process.

Offline Classes take place when I show up in person

I have several offline classes planned ahead of time, usually these will take place in Dublin, Ireland. The best way to find out more about my schedule is to sign up for my weekly emails as I write about what is coming there. You can also check out my event pages on Facebook at Abby’s Energy Healing Page.

Click here to find out more about the offline classes that I run, and if you’d like me to run an event for you do get in touch and we can discuss your needs.

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Change is not a threat to your life, but an invitation to live.

Online On-Demand Classes

These classes are pre-recorded and can be taken at your own pace.

5 Days to Raise your Vibration

Take 30 minutes a day for 5 days to let go of heavy energies, ground yourself to Mother Earth, receive healing and raise your vibration. All you have to do is listen to a pre-recorded audio file. You can go as deep into this class as you wish. Find out more here.

How to Be Well the Online Class – Part One

Based on the first third of my bestselling book, How to Be Well, I have created 6 full hour audio classes to be taken one a week for six weeks to help you reorganise and heal your life situation. This class will teach you how to stop creating stress for yourself, how to improve and heal the relationship you have with yourself, how to get your power back from things that you feel disempower you, how to improve and balance your relationships and how to connect to joy. Find out more here.

And yes there will be two more classes to follow!

Recordings of Webinars are also available on-demand

From time to time I host webinars on a single topic. I always record them, and if I feel it’s appropriate, I offer them as pre-recorded stand-alone online classes. Click a topic to find out more about it.


Nobody can do your inner work for you.
It’s something you need to do for yourself.

Online Schedulled Classes

These classes are schedulled in that they start and end on specific days, there is homework and I ask that you show up in class and do the work. This does take commitment on your part, however the results are deeply transformational and incredible healing happens during the group process.

Raise Your Vibration Bootcamp

A 21 day online class with two webinars, daily emails and a secret, private Facebook group. Join to let go of heaviness and emotional pain and to lift your energy up to the vibration of love, joy and happiness. There is healing on this class, along with daily work for you to do, leading up to you having the material you need to create your own daily spiritual practice. Click here to register your interest, and to learn more.

Heal Emotional Eating Coaching Group

I ran the first Heal Emotional Eating Coaching Group in November 2016. Over 6 weeks, 20 people were brought on a journey from where they were with food, to move forward into a deeper understanding of what food is, what emotional eating is, and how their pattern functions. By healing the underlying causes of their emotional eating they began to loosen and break the hold that food had over them. This unique group runs once a year, goes deep, brings up difficult issues and emotions, and is hugely rewarding. Does this sound like something you’d like to do? Learn more here.

Learn more about my Classes via my YouTube Channel!

Testimonials for my Online Classes

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Raise Your Vibration Bootcamp

I have felt amazing transformation from this class, this was my third time in the group and I’m looking forward to the next one!

I didn’t know what to expect, I found great support from the group. Delighted to have been a part of it and I have lots of ideas for what to do now that class is ended.


Heal Emotional Eating

It was much harder than I expected, I had to bite the bullet and face myself, my fears and my BIG emotions. But having you there to support me made it do-able, and afterwards I know that something in me has changed for the better.

I was finally able to understand my habits, my eating comes from something much deeper than I knew. I am going to take the time that I need to learn how to love myself more, to accept who I am and all my eccentricities. Thank you for this wonderful eye-opener.


How to Be Well Online Class

Really good, I’ve still got loads of blocks but feeling more motivated ;0)

Thanks a mill …webinar was brilliant!! In solar system exercise I felt really empowered in pushing people in my life right back & out of my energy, more space for ME – phew! what a relief. Also I like being bigger, its amazing how BIG we can get with a few breaths of energy healing.

5 Days to Raise your Vibration


I felt better after only listening once – wow. So happy I signed up!

I like to listen to day 3 before going to sleep – it really helps me relax.

Angels and Spirit Guides

So glad I took time for myself to do this webinar, first of my baby steps., It was very powerful, thank you x

This was wonderful, thank you so much Abby! I have written it all down and I can’t wait to listen to the replay again, and probably again!