One to One Sessions

We all need a helping hand from time to time. Each one-to-one session with me is different, depending on what YOU need. Together we create an amazing space where miracles happen. Most people who come to me for help and/or healing have said they experienced profound, irreversible change and feel their lives have improved dramatically for the better. Whether on Skype or in person, a one-to-one session with me could transform your life.

Just bring yourself, tell me how you are feeling, and we can start from there.

Over the last few years my healing practice has become less about techniques and more about you and what you need in your life right now.  If you book a session with me not only will we work towards helping you feel better, I will also empower you with the techniques and skills you need, so you can look after yourself better in your own life.

If your battery is flat, I’ll help you recharge it. If there’s something broken, together we will fix it. I’m here to help you get yourself back on track with your life and in touch with your inner wisdom and personal power.

Some of things that I work with in Session:

Energy clearing   ~   Mental healing   ~   Help with physical pain   ~   Managing stress

Cutting ties   ~   Emotional healing   ~   Solving problems   ~   Improving sleep patterns

Power Retrieval   ~   Soul Retrieval   ~   Releasing blocks to success   ~   Energy sensitivity

Business Mentoring   ~   Life Coaching   ~   Finding new relationships   ~   Being who you are

Spiritual Direction   ~   Finding Soul’s Purpose   ~   Relationship problems   ~   Grounding yourself

Past Life Healing   ~   Family Systems Healing   ~   Ancestral Healing   ~   Becoming a healer

Eating Disorders    ~   Depression    ~   Loss of enthusiasm for life   ~   Grief and Loss


Simply fill out the form and I will respond to you as soon as I can.

Bring all your issues in and lay them on the table with me in session. We can use energetic techniques to dissolve away the emotional pain, we can combine them with psychotherapeutic techniques to help you change your attitude to your situation, to help you set goals, or change your way of thinking.

Sessions unfold in a natural way and you will usually leave with skills to try, homework to do, and have a high vibrational energy of healing surrounding you so that you can attract in more of the things in life that you want. Expect miracles!

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What to Expect from a Session

I do not ask that you sign up for a certain number of sessions.  Sometimes one or two sessions can be enough to shift even major issues, if you’re read to let them go.

We move completely at your pace, if you’re not ready for something, that’s ok, we can look at what is in the way and work towards it. Read my notes on Permission and Intention if you want to understand possible blocks to your own healing process. If you want to know more about the techniques that I use, read my notes on How I work.

After each session I make sure you are completely happy with what we discussed, know what you have to do (if anything) and that you are feeling fully grounded and ready to face the world outside.

When transformation and energy shift happens in a session, clients say they feel bigger, lighter, brighter, more in touch with themselves, more connected to life. Some clients feel more powerful, some feel grounded, some feel like they are “back” in their body for the first time in a very long time. All say they feel better.

Please note: Healing is not a substitute for conventional medicine, if you feel you have a physical complaint or are feeling ill, please visit your doctor.