The Healing Sessions – Deep Relaxation and Healing Sleep

Deep Relaxation and Healing SleepThis healing session is designed to help you sleep better, and as you sleep you will receive a deep healing to the bones, blood, nerves and every cell in your body.

It is 40 minutes long, so set aside about 60 minutes to allow yourself at least 20 minutes of sleep after the Mp3 has finished, or you can listen while you’re in bed and allow yourself fall asleep to the track.  If you fall asleep before the track is complete you will still receive the healing.

In this healing session you can:

  • Release any energies that are holding you back from being successful, from having love in your life.
  • Slow down your mind, your “engine” and relax completely.
  • Enable your body to rejuvenate parts of your body that are ill, to release old, sick, dying cells and create vibrant health
  • Relax and receive the love and healing that is here for you

If you give yourself permission to go deep and do your work, the healing will happen.

Know that every time you listen to this healing session you receive a deeper and deeper healing.

The Healing Sessions – Deep Relaxation and Healing Sleep

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Testimonials for Deep Relaxation and Healing Sleep

“Just woke up from a quiet, restful, complete night of sleep after listening to this amazing healing session last night!  Usually I have no problem falling asleep but I always wake up in the middle of the night and lately I have been experiencing nightmares.  Last night was the first night in a while that I slept straight through and no bad dreams! In fact, I can’t really remember any of my dreams, which suits me just fine.  Your voice is so soft and gentle, almost like a lullaby. (I know that it is corny but it’s kind of true!) I particularly liked the spine sequence. I’ve been working out some neck strain lately (too much iPad + bad ergonomics) and this morning it actually feels better. It’s amazing what a good nights sleep will do for your mind and body and soul! I look forward to listening again and many more restful nights. ” Barbara, USA

“The healing helped me to really slow down my thoughts. Just before I fell into a deep sleep I felt surrounded by the beautiful, nurturing energies and could let go of all worries, what a relief! I will use it again tonight xxx” Marie, Ireland

“I fell asleep after the first 10 minutes of the track, woke up several hours later feeling more refreshed than I’ve felt in months. I feel so relieved now I know that I can get some proper rest, it takes a huge pressure off me.” Andrew, U.K.

“I had trouble staying awake to this track, I felt powerful healing energies flowing right through my body. I feel calm and relaxed after playing it, and the feeling lasts for days. It’s amazing.” Sandra, Belgium


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