We all have hectic lives running from pillar to post. Perhaps that’s why we like to stop for a moment to sit and sip a coffee. But do we really stop when we do this? I see many people in cafés with phones out, laptops, newspapers… These things intrude on our lives, whether we know it or not. They invite third party information that we may not have asked for into our few moments of peace.
So why do we do it? It’s almost as if even spending a few moments by ourselves, completely alone, is an impossible task. Can we just simply sit, and be with ourselves?
Next time you find yourself sitting alone with a cup of something hot, or cold, see if, for the duration of the drink, you can leave the phone and the laptop behind. Just for as long as it takes you to drink your delicious beverage. And then, if you can, notice if you actually feel like you managed to get a moment to yourself today.