“I cannot be fat and serene, and I don’t want to be. Thin by itself is not necessarily well, but OA is teaching me how to be both thin and serene.” -Lifeline Sampler (p. 339) from Overeaters Anonymous Website

Oh my god!! I cannot be fat and serene? Surly that’s exactly where the problem lies? Not allowing yourself to be serene and accepting of your body at whatever state it is currently in, is a recipe for disaster (excuse the pun). If we can learn to accept our bodies as they are, them serenity follows. The need for emotional eating dissipates when we are serene, that cream cake just doesn’t look so appealing anymore because we feel content and do not “need” it. If we are not binge eating, weight loss will happen. Therefore it takes the pressure off being on a diet, off of losing weight. Losing weight then no longer dominates our lives, our thoughts, our every thinking moment. Imagine what that would be like? To wake up in the morning and feel happy?

So to say that you cannot be serene in your current physical state is like a prison sentence. You are committing yourself to unhappiness. Why not say something more like “I deserve to feel peaceful, I deserve to be happy, no matter what my body shape”? That is a greater truth. Or say “I choose to be content in the body that I have, today”. For this to truly work you have to create your own mantra. We are all doing the best we can, let’s be a bit nicer to ourselves.