When can we say we are finally content? There are so many answers we need, so many questions to ask. There are plans to make, things we need to have, educational achievements to complete.
We recognise when we are not happy – when our body feels heavy, when our eyes hurt, we seem slower and everything around us less noticeable as we sink into our own sorrow. We recognise happiness and we wake up to the world around us – we see it in a glistening of a dewdrop in the morning sun, the opening of a flower, somebody else’s smile.

It is funny how we become consumed inwards when we are upset or down, and we look outwards to the world when we are lifted. 
So then, what is contentment? It is neither looking out nor in, it is being here, now. It is not needing anything, not joyous but not consumed by sadness either. Contentment is releasing all the questions we have to have the answers to, and instead relying on an inner peace that brings us balance, both outwards and inwards.