Today is coming closer to the last day of August. My children are getting ready to go back to school, buying shoes, schoolbags and books. I never enjoyed this time of year and I always tried to imagine September is still summertime. In Ireland you could almost get away with that for the last few years, the weather is still good, sometimes even better than it was in August. By habit, I don’t want Autumn to come in yet, I’m not ready for it. Well, over previous years I have never been ready for it. Ready for the days getting shorter, less sunlight to draw life from, darkness to make us feel that we should hibernate. Never ready for the colder, wetter weather, finding jumpers that don’t make us look twice the size we are, hiding from the lure of sweets and snacks that I “need” to “keep me going”…. These just some of the many Autumtime stresses I usually fight against.

This time its different. I have my own business now, I am my own boss and I just did my books – I have had more clients this month than the last few months even though it might not have felt like it! I have two workshops coming up and I am giving a talk in October. And this month, I was elected onto the Reiki Federation of Ireland, as their Webdesigner and Editor. So I will be very busy doing what it is that I love to do. It can be a huge cause of stress, being somewhere you have to be, doing something you have to do, and not wanting to be there, doing it. I am blessed that I have found my calling and I thank Spirit for helping me by opening the doors both here on the Internet, and on the ground. I trust that the money will come, as it is needed (hope someone up there is listening to that!). And instead of imaging the negatives of Autumn, I will be listening for the footfall of clients as they approach my room for a session. Knowing that when they leave, they are more connected, more grounded, and have released some of their pain. That is such a reward, being there to hold their hands as they take another step on their journey. So my Autumn might not be so bad after all!