Shamanic Healing is something that is so vast, so wide, that it makes this question very difficult to answer. I can only say what Shamanic Healing is for me, how I see it, how I use it. For everyone it is different, so it is important when you are considering going for a healing that you can find a practitioner you trust, someone you feel a connection with. Use your inner judgement – if your intuition tells you “yes” then go with that, if “no”, then find someone else to work with.

Shamans have been using their medicine for over 100,000 years, talking to the sky, the wind, the plants, the rocks and the stones. It’s about connection with Nature, communion with Spirit, respect and honour for all living things. It is about talking to energy in its different forms, on different planes, it is a practice that defies chronological time and space. In the city, we are surrounded by concrete, by glass and steel. There is beauty in it but we need to search for it daily. It is difficult to feel connected to the natural life that is all around us. We are told when we need to eat, we are told what we have to do. Because of society imposing such controls over us, we have forgotten our fundamental connection to nature and worse yet, we have become disconnected from our souls, from our bodies, and we live now mostly in our minds. Shamanic Healing starts by reconnecting us with all three parts of our selves – mind, body and spirit.

We have to break away from the deadness and the dullness and find the beauty again. We are beautiful and we forget that when we concentrate on money and material goods. We begin to yearn for what we do not have, because what we do have is never enough. When we get something that we have wanted for a long time, it disappoints us because it does not fill our need. We have a beautiful energy inside of us, you can see it when you look into someone’s eyes. We are made of both shadow and light. We have everything we need already, here; we have lost touch with it, because we have been told we need more. (How would Society run if nobody bought stuff? – it would, it would just be a different type of economy). Shamanic Healing recognises all of this and allows us to be our true selves, to dream out loud, to shout and scream and dance and be angry, to be joyous, to be whole.

Shamanic practitioners have experienced deep wounding and come from a place of strength, because they survived. They can hold the space for clients as they struggle and come out of the other end of grief and trauma, knowing that it is possible to live in a different, better way.

I understand the human soul as an energy body which is composed of different types of energies, both light and dark, mostly residing in our body. As C.S. Lewis said “We do not have a soul, we are a soul. We have a body”. Our soul holds our life experiences and depending on our personality, we hold onto some experiences more than others. We can lose pieces of our soul during traumatic experiences, and never feel whole again. We can feel both heavy in our bodies, and light, depending on our moods. I believe that our thoughts influence the balance of heavy and light energies in our bodies and through Shamanic Healing, we can release the dark, heavy energies that hold us back and replace them with lighter, bright energies that invigorate and refresh us.

I have had clients come to me that look much older than their years, and leave looking much younger, because they no longer need to spend massive amounts of their energy holding themselves together. I have had clients who have been in pain for months, years even, not knowing why, medications not working for them and them at their wits end. We find that because they were holding issues in parts of their bodies, their bodies were in pain. When they see me we talk to their bodies, find out what is going on and release the issue, release the stress and the tension and they become pain-free. I have had clients who feel disconnected from life, they don’t know what their purpose is and they cannot find joy and happiness. I have searched for and found lost pieces of their soul energies through the Shamanic Journey, and I have brought them back home. My clients who experience this soul retrieval find a new lease for life, a new desire to live, to grow and to enjoy life to the full.

Shamanic Healing for me is about finding magic in the world again, feeling that connection to yourself, to your spirituality, to life. It is about finding the voice inside of you and releasing whatever is stopping it from saying a big “YES!” to life.