After several long and important blog posts I have had writers block, possibly because I am trying to live up to the essence of what it was that I had already posted. To maintain the intensity, the strength of it. So as difficult as it might be, I am going to throw caution to the winds and just write a small posting today 🙂

A posting of gratitude – for where I am today. Thank you all for being such wonderful friends and new connections. Thank you for extending me outwards to the four corners of the world, if the world was to have corners! Thank you so much for connecting in and sharing your pain, your lessons, your fears. I am grateful for all of it and for all that is yet to come.

So sit, have a cup of tea, put your feet up. We’ve all done great to get this far – it’s time to rest and be grateful, and to give ourselves a pat on the back. Take a moment out and breathe. Smile. Rest and rejuvenate. Because there is lots done, but always lots more to do.