Standing in your power – what does this mean? If you have heard the phrase before it may resonate with you but you might not have got the full understanding of it.
I am an Energy Healer and Psychotherapist, I get many clients who come to me distraught because they cannot stand in their power. They are afraid to reach down into the depths of themselves and find their true voice, their inner strength. They are afraid sometimes to even acknowledge they have dreams because knowing they exist would mean that they may have to do something to achieve them.
When you feel heavy with life, weighed down by it, that which is most familiar becomes comfortable, even if it hurts like hell over a period of time. It is “easier” to choose the warm bed, the miserable silence, over battling it out in the workplace to improve your situation, or fighting it out with you family. The thought of the struggle you would have with you own beliefs about yourself can lead you to unwanted behaviours such as excess alcohol, drugs or worse. But again, it is “easier” to go down that road, if less rewarding. The hardest thing to do is to ask for help, to admit you need help, to talk to someone and tell them what is going on for you. In doing that you may have to take all the pieces out and spread them on the table and it can be overwhelming looking at them all…..
So what is “your power”? Choosing to avoid looking at things takes power, but it is more powerful to own you voice, to recognise your dreams, to become hopeful, to move in a direction, to believe in yourself. Standing in your power is when you become aware of when your body tells you something is wrong, and to take action on it. It gives you a new respect for the people around you and enables you to see the good in everyone. Standing in your power – to be brave enough to say “I don’t understand” or “I don’t know how I feel about this yet” and to not feel like you have to fit in with the crowd. To be powerful enough to connect with a tree, with a bird, to smile at a stranger. To be able to walk strongly in your body, sure of your step but perhaps unsure of the final destination. Fulfilling yourself without needing somebody else to be a certain way. Becoming responsible for your own happiness. This is standing in your power.
From your place of power, you can embrace the concept that everything is supposed to be just the way it is, is for the highest good of all. You can ease into the idea that there is great learning to be had from difficult experiences, and then bear them all the better when they do happen because you know you will be stronger for it. In your place of power you are taking that leap in the knowing that the closer we are to standing in our own power, the closer we are to being our true selves, the more in alignment with Spirit we are, and we are loved, protected and held in that space.
It’s not about being in a position of power, of having power over others. It’s about knowing ourselves, knowing when there is something wrong doing something about it, even if it means asking for help. It means being responsible for our selves, knowing the difference between doing what is right and what is not. Shamanism is a wonderful way to connect in with your true self through the energy of all that is around us. It teaches ways that have been lost over time, bringing us closer to our true powerful selves. Shamanism was hidden for years in the west because of the empowerment it gave people. It’s coming back into our lives now in a big way, as the culture embraces the idea of standing in a place of power, as we embrace life and the idea of a life’s purpose. We will never know all the answers, but we can learn what makes us happy. We may never do all the things that are out there just waiting to be done, but if we can connect to ourselves and find out who we are, and live to that, what more is there to ask for?
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