It is the end of March already. Spring is in the air, the buds are coming out and tulips are opening in my garden. Life is not easy, but having the longer days and the flowers shining their heads towards the sun has helped put a “spring” in my step. But it does not mean that our problems are less, in fact, they actually are becoming magnified for some of us, and depending on our attitude towards them, they have the power to end our lives. Two people that I know are in hospital suffering from psychotic attacks, but worse still, 4 people have ended their lives in tragic circumstances.

I am thinking about all that is going on, you can see my post – what the heck is going on with all the energy – but that is not the end of this process, we are mid-shift. Lately, the clients that have been coming to me are displaying all sorts of terrible symptoms, but ultimately all they need is grounding. The work we end up doing is grounding, grounding, grounding. That is worth writing about here, in case it helps someone who is reading this.

 Why is grounding the answer? Because there has been such an influx of light to the planet since last December, those of us who are not grounded find it extremely difficult to contain it. And it doesn’t stop at the personal, but the cultural is affected as well. The tsunami in Japan, the new war in Libya, the rebellions in the Arab countries, are all connected to this influx of light. Extreme circumstances, but we battle with this every day in this present time.

To boil it down to simple terms, we are being asked to choose between love, or fear. Choosing love means that we draw our attention away from things that scare us, things that upset us or make us smaller than we are. We choose love and open our hearts, expand to the possibilities of life and release all materialistic needs. Those of us who are here, reading this, finding circles of people who resonate with our thoughts, are vibrating love, and holding space for the others who are still covered in blankets of darkness. We are finding new friendships in the most peculiar places, taking to strangers about abstract concepts and spiritual terms and we are surprisingly getting validation.

The world is going through a shift, through a rebirth. We are the lucky ones, we are still here, we are standing our ground. Holding space for others to shift and grow into the new expanded beings of light that we are becoming. If you find that life is getting top of you – get back on top of it. Remember this – in order to contain the light, we need to be rooted to the ground. Strongly rooted like the tallest of the tall trees, their roots delve deep into the bedrock of the Mother as they stretch their tall limbs up to the heavens. Become that tree.