I noticed a man who walked past my centre the other day, he was hunched over in his determination to get to where he was going. He was holding a wooden frame, possibly a door frame, he must have been a carpenter going to a job. What I really noticed was how he did not look in front of himself; his eyes seemed to be completely focussed on the path in front of his feet. I’m wondering, if he was told he had 1 year left to live, would he be walking the same way?

Someone walked past the centre yesterday, crying. Crying and walking and not spending time with the tears, but practically running from them. My heart went out to her; it was as if she was running away from herself, from her pain. We seem to be always going somewhere else and never here, in this moment, where we are now. Forgetting the fundamental thing – we are not the emotion; we are only feeling the emotion. And it will pass, whether it is joy or pain. We are familiar with pain, with suffering, but less familiar with joy. We need to call it in sometimes to remember what it feels like.

I thought I’d write up a meditation here for you to try, to call in joy into your life. But you have to put aside some time to do it. Please add a comment below if you tried it and found it useful, or if you have something you would like to add. I do not profess to know all the answers. But I do know that if we don’t treasure the time that we have, we don’t value the most important thing that we have. And if we do not take the time out to feel joy, or pain, we cannot be fully present in our bodies and experiencing life to its fullest degree.

Meditation – Taking some time out to call joy into your life

Read these notes before you do this exercise so that you can do it uninterrupted.

  1. Find a quiet space where you will not be disturbed for as long as you are able to devote to this exercise.  Make sure your phone is off, you are sitting comfortably and that your feet are on the ground.
  2. Become aware of your body. Bring your thoughts right down and into your physical body. If it helps, you can start by feeling any tension you may be carrying. Take a few minutes to scan through your body from your head to your feet, feeling the tension and letting it go.
  3. Move your awareness into your heart. You can do this by making note of where your focus is on your body, and drop the focus down from your head, to your neck, to your chest, and into your heart.
  4. Imagine that you have a room in your heart where you hold your memories, regrets, celebrations, sadness and joy.
  5. Open the door to your room in your mind and step inside. Look around your room and acknowledge what sort of state it is in. Is it dark, dusty, cluttered? Is it bright and fresh, a joy to sit in? If you have trouble visualising, focus on your feelings – how does your heart feel – tight, locked up, clear, open?
  6. We are going to invite joy into your heart room. To do this, you have to make some space for it first. You might want to tidy up the place first, you can imagine you have a vacuum or a mop, see yourself cleaning the windows, dust the shelves so that you spruce up the place a little bit.
  7. Sit with your heart room now – does it feel any different inside there?
  8. You can do some emotional work if you wish – find something in the room that you might not have seen for a long time – an old teddy bear, a photograph, a piece of silk. Hold it in your hands. What does it remind you of? Who do you feel while you are holding it? Breathe in the feeling of love, of loss, of joy, of sadness. Breathe it out. You are not the feeling, it is in you and let it move through you. Place the object back down where you found it.
  9. Move to the window and open it. See the sunshine outside and let it warm your face. Get a sense of how you are in your room, standing there at the window, feeling the sunshine on your face.
  10. Say the following (or words to this effect) “ I am clearing a space in my heart to let in the joy. I am clearing space in my heart to let in light. I am allowing myself to feel joy and happiness in my life. I deserve to feel joy and happiness in my life.”
  11. Wait and see how your body is feeling now. Open your heart and wait for the joy to come in.
  12. Imagine a butterfly, or a bird, coming into your room. It is so beautiful; it hops or flutters around you and is full of the joy and the happiness you seek. It moves closer to you and rests on your shoulder, on your hand. As it flies about your heart room, it brings more light in and everything seems to become clearer, stronger, and brighter. Allow the sadness to melt away and open your heart as joy seeps in and brings a new colour, a new light and a new strength into your room.
  13. As it moves around the room, the bird/butterfly dissolves and its energy becomes part of the room. Feel your room reaching a higher vibration in its energy, in the strength of the colours in there.
  14. Feel the changes that you just made – allow the joy to penetrate your body, flood your chest and wash over you, smile with your eyes, with your mouth, invite it into your stomach and your legs, feel the joy tingling all around your body.
  15. Give thanks for the experience and know that you can come back again anytime and open your heart to joy. If you work with angels, you can give thanks to your angels and ask them to open your heart even more so that you can allow joy into your life more easily.
  16. Sit in this new energy for a few minutes and let it burn away any heavy energy that you no longer need to hold in your body. If you want to dance around in your heart room, do this with joy and happiness. Know now that there is magic here, waiting for you to connect with it.
  17. When you are ready, you can close the door of your heart room behind you.
  18. Become aware of your physical body, the sounds around you in the room where you are sitting, feel the chair or the floor beneath you and the earth beneath your feet
  19. Open your eyes