I’ve heard it said over and over again – you attract in what you put out. This is the Law of Attraction. An actual law, like the law of the land. You live in the land, you obey the rules or you go to jail (or pay a hefty fine!). We don’t have to like it, but it exists. Like the Law of Gravity – what goes up must come down (a pretty obvious one this). How about the Law of Thermodynamics – this explains what happens in a container with water when you add heat. We might not have studied thermodynamics, but we have experienced water, with added heat in a container. And we know that the more heat we add, the more likely it is that the water will boil.

We might not have ever known how and why water boils, but we do know that it boils. And we boil water frequently, sometimes 4, 5 or 6 times in a day, depending on how many cups of tea or coffee we enjoy. So it is a Law in action, a law that appears in our daily life, even if we have no awareness of the physics of the energy behind it. And let’s face it, how useful would it be to truly understand the physics of heat and water, if we’re not scientists?

It follows to say that if the Law of Attraction is an actual law, like the Law of Thermodynamics, we don’t have to actually know how or why it works, but to accept that it does exist, working away in the background. What if learning how to use this Law brings us more satisfaction than a cup of coffee ever could? Or even several cups of coffee? Would it be worth working with it directly in that case? Let’s look at it in terms of energy and see if it makes any more sense.

To use this law we have to firstly accept that what we send out into the world, we get back, in an energetic way. So to simplify it a bit, we can say that the energy of happiness going out, results in the energy of happiness coming back. And I do believe that’s true; you smile at someone, and the most natural thing for them to do is to smile right back to you. That also applies to anger – the energy of anger going out results in anger coming back. I think many of us have experienced this too. Anger breeds anger, being angry at someone makes them angry at you, also. So we’re warming up with this.

So how else can we use this law, now that we are gathering proof? Does it work with material objects too? They’re made of energy. If we give away something of value to someone, do we gain back something of value in return? Well, I can sift through my experiences of giving things away, but because there are so many experiences in between, it is difficult to directly correlate objects being gifted back to me specifically with an item that I gave away. This is where understanding the Law of Attraction gets a bit fuzzy. This is why people say “Naww that Law of Attraction, that’s a load of …..”

I understand. But it is a defined, accepted Law. So what do you have to loose? I’d write more about it now but I’m going out to gift a cup of coffee to a friend. And I’m not waiting for something back in return, but I do know that something good will be winging its way to me because of that kindness.  Let me know if you want me to explore this subject further!