Don’t give up

you can hold the light, even if you feel alone.
those who see it will fly towards it when they are ready,
those who can’t take the brightness,
will try to snuff it out.
don’t despair

tend to your light,
keep it bright and strong.
fill the light with love, with hope, with dreams….
dance in your light,
grow, expand and know to
keep dancing no matter what.

trust that there are other lights,
together they dance in the darkness,
perhaps unaware of the others
dreaming and hoping for a brighter world

on a blog page like this one
many lonely lights come together,
regardless of geography, space and time.
we recognise each other, and smile a great relief
feel the grief and release it all and know
they we are not alone after all

We breathe in each other’s spark
our lights strengthen and glow
for one more day

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