We are in extraordinary times. Tonight a group of women came to my centre, and I was more than certain of what we needed to do. For the first time in a Reiki share, I had only one plinth set up, and we all concentrated the whole of the group’s energies so we could have an intense healing for ourselves, and for each other.
As I set up the room this evening to get ready, I realised that it is truly the end of the summer. That the world has shifted, again, and that the energy is affecting all of us in one way or another. I have been under a dark cloud for the most part of a week, and nothing could shift it until I had the realisation that it was not mine. The energy of the earth is on the move, shifting and changing, bringing up the darker, heavy stuff. The old stuff. The original wounding. Why I was insisting on going back to work I had already done over the past five days was confusing to me but I got trapped in my old patterns, I was hooked like a fish who took the bait. Until today.
So I write this for you. If you have already done your deep shadow work, this is not your time to revisit and re-do. Go gently and easy on yourself and treat yourself well and know your work has been done, that it is the shifting of the energies of the great mother earth, and that we are being carried along for the ride. As you read this you know if this applies to you.
And if you have never done deep shadow work, then now is the time for you to look under the cracks, under the stones, the recesses, to let the skeletons out and to lift up that carpet and release the dustballs to the wind. You will know if this is you. You can get help, remember -you are not alone. People have done this before and are familiar with the stepping stones across the river. There are helping hands out there to guide you across and to the other side.
And for all of us, breathe. Talk about how you are feeling. Know that we are all changing, that we will get through this if we open to and hold ourselves in a space of love.

Love ourselves and the healing will happen. Love ourselves and we heal the world.