It has been shown that laughter actually affects human physiology!

Laughter reduces pain by producing endorphins which act as pain killers and strenghtens our immunity. Endorphins also reduces cortisol (the stress hormone) and allows the body to return to a more relaxed state. Laugher allows us to change our perspective on life by making our problems seem smaller, if only for a few moments. It opens up creativity and allows us to overcome fear.

So it’s healthy to bring more laughter into your life.
Here are some ideas as to how you can do this:

1.  Collect things that make you laugh – it could be a folder on your computer filled with cartoons, jokes, funny emails that really make you laugh, hang funny pictures on your wall where you will see them, keep a joke or two in your wallet to keep the mood light.

2. Do some of the things you used to love as a child – go to the park and go on a swing, go down the slide, go to the zoo or aquarium, go to a kids movie and eat lots of popcorn! The sky’s the limit.

3. Lighten up your work environment – bring in a toy or stuffed animal you like, something that makes you smile when you look at it. (I have a mini darth-vader on my computer, and I’ve got lots of pictures of Stitch everywhere – he’s a great energy to have around!)

4. Invite some friends over for a sleep-over party – keep it fun, pillow fights, eat junk food, stay up all night telling scary stories! Or have a “come as you are party” with one rule only – keep it funny. You’ll all work off of each other and the energy will heal and energise all of you.

5. If you’re in a stressful situation, step back from it and imagine if you were a character from your favourite tv comedy – what would they do? (How would Phoebe or Fraiser handle it?)

You do have a chioice. Invite laughter into your life, and see where it brings you – just for a change. See where it goes – does it help? Do you feel better? Does it take the “edge” off? And know, that even though it might feel silly at first, it actually does help reduce stress in your body and that in itself creates a better perspective and clarity to handle any situation.