For me, life is about being authentic; walking your talk, talking your walk. It’s so important to be true to yourself, to who you are. I have a client who proudly told me that she looks in the mirror every day and says “I love you” to herself. I asked her “but do you feel it?” She looked at her feet, and admitted that she didn’t. “It’s ok not to feel it,” I said, “but it’s not ok to pretend that you do”. She looked back up at me with interest.  I continued “Wouldn’t it be better to look at yourself in the mirror in the morning and say ‘Hey, I’m ok’, and really feel it, right deep inside you?”.  She smiled – she got it. As above, so below. What you say and do on the outside mirrors exactly how you feel on the inside. Authenticity.

So let’s work on this idea together.  I have put together a list of affirmations so you can find one that best suits where you are now with yourself. Try an affirmation from this list and see how it feels right down deep to your core, in your stomach. Is this one the right one for you? Does it feel right below, as well as above?  If not, try another one, and another, until you find one that fits. Feel it in your heart and notice how your energy changes. How the vibration of your body changes, when you say and feel these positive words.

The next part is to ask for any energy in your body that does not resonate with the words you have chosen, to leave your body now, as it is holding you back. Say it out loud “Please leave now”. Breathe in the energy of the words, say them again, and feel them deep inside the core of your being. Breathe out the energy of negativity, of self-doubt and fear. Anything that doesn’t match the certainty you feel that you are how you say you are. Feel the flow shift in your body as negativity leaves and flows down your legs, through your feet and into the ground.

Do this affirmation meditation for a few days and clear, clear, clear what doesn’t belong. Become the energy of that. When you feel called, you can come back to this list and see if you can upgrade your affirmation to one that has a higher vibration to the one you chose the first time around. Then do it all again.


  • I honor and care about myself
  • I am a divine being worthy of love
  • I am ok with myself
  • I am good enough
  • I accept myself for who I am
  • I like myself
  • It’s good to be me
  • I deserve to be happy
  • I deserve love
  • I am open to receive love
  • I am open to receive joy
  • I love being who I am
  • I love my life
  • I am grateful for everything in my life
  • I am happy and proud to be who I am

You can of course make up your own affirmation – I’d love to hear it, and I’d love to find out how you got after trying out this exercise. Please leave your comments here, under this note!

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