Image by Tara Moorman

I was working on the Reiki stand with my RFI practitioner friends in the Mind Body Spirit show in the RDS when a distressed woman came up to me. She asked me if she could see me for Reiki, and I said “yes of course”, as you would.

I brought her over to the chair and she stopped and rustled in her handbag looking for something. I waited patiently, but she took a long time and as well as wondering what she was doing, I noticed that her hands were shaking.

“Are you ok?” I asked? “I just had an aura photograph done” she said as she pulled out a document from her bag and started leafing through the pages “I was told that I was a twin in the womb, my twin died and he is still with me in my energy field – look” she handed me a blurry aura photograph that I couldn’t read, of course, as I’m not au fait with aura photography. “The man just took the image and he said I had to get Reiki straight away to get the twin removed”.
I was shocked, disappointed and of course, sympathetic for this poor woman who was obviously shaken by her experience. I said to her “Reiki doesn’t do that – do you know what Reiki is?” She didn’t. And neither did the Aura photographer, apparently.

This is a big lead in to a simple point – communicating Reiki is so important, but before we can communicate we need to have an understanding of it. Pamela says – “I don’t encourage my students to take Second degree. I’m happy to teach them if they practice First degree self-treatment every day for 3 months at the very least, but that’s only if they feel a draw for it. I’d rather have someone practice First degree every day for life than become Second degree practitioners, feel overwhelmed, and stop practicing because Second degree practice is more complicated.”

It’s time to really take the time to look at what Reiki is to us. Not to be afraid to separate out the extra things we do – Aura Soma, Massage,  Angel Therapy, and fortune telling, and to say that we also offer them. That we can give a combined treatment with Reiki and Angel Therapy if our client so desires. So that more people like the Aura photographer learns about how beautiful and simple Reiki can be.

And if you are wondering what happened to the woman at the exhibition, I told her that she needed some time to come to terms with what she had been told, that I could help her with her predicament as I am a trained Shamanic Practitioner as well as a Reiki Practitioner. I suggested in my best counselling voice that perhaps she should sit down, have  a cup of tea, and let her energies settle before she decided to do anything else.