I know things have been rough for all of us of late; it’s not easy when the media is shouting out about economic difficulties, government failures, religious irresponsibility and people being attacked on the streets. In fact, it’s just plain rough full stop. And even worse, the old trauma, the old pain, the stuff you thought you already dealt with? It’s back and it’s biting you bad. You thought you already sorted it out, but it’s caught you in its hook and you’re drowning in it.

It can be even harder when the person you love is upset as well; the ideal partnership is when you feel bad and they are there for you, but when you both feel bad at the same time, wow. There is no reprieve when it feels like you are both drowning together.

What is actually happening?

The whole of human consciousness is shifting right now and raising its vibration. When the vibration is raised, the bad stuff sifts out, and (hopefully) falls away. If you are sensitive to energies you will pick up on it, both the rise in vibration and, unfortunately the lower, negative vibrational energies. And to make sense of what you are feeling you interpret it all through your body, through your personal experiences. We understand how to work with the heavy stuff more than the lighter stuff so we go for that like a magnet and the problem right now is that the bad stuff you are picking up on resonates with your old stuff. “Oh no here we go again”.

This time it is different.

We need to work with the times instead of against them. No more going back with a trawl to dredge through your old issues to find out which stone was left uncovered, which part you have not dealt with. You must believe that you HAVE dealt with you own, old stuff (if indeed you have!).

If you have not done your work already, then now is the time. There is no escaping it –go for it with zeal and the knowledge that the work you do now will be so quick and easy compared to how things worked in the past. Get help if you need it, things can move too fast these days for us to be able to make sense of it alone.

Reassure yourself, and your partner if necessary, that you have done the work and that your body is just picking up on the resonance of the energies around you right now. Those energies resonate with abuse, depression, violence, pain, grief. And of course they do – look at the abuse that is going on around you in the world right now. But it is not yours. Breathe and let it go. You don’t have to go back and do the work again. I promise!

How to get through this:

It’s not always so easy to find the positive things in life. So if you are a couple drowning in negativity right now, hold onto each other and let it all flow through you. Or if you don’t have a special somebody, connect in with the beautiful Mother Earth and Father Sky by feeling your feet on the ground, your head open to the sky and ask to be held. Trust me, this works. Do it and see for yourself.

Make a list of good things in your life and let the old stuff go. Remind yourself of where you have been, what you have achieved and where you plan to go. If you can, make a list of goals for the future and streamline your energies into those, instead of into your pain and grief.
Take some time out to nurture yourself – make a cup of tea, read a delicious novel, go see a movie. Go for a walk and kick some leaves about, jump into a puddle. Call an old friend, bake a cake. Do something that you love, while breathing out the difficult emotions.

Take the day off the computer! Listening to other people can add to you confusion, picking up on their energies can exacerbate you own process, so switch off, and switch off the phone too. Send love to anyone who is pulling on you, either say it to them directly, or do it in your mind, and then shut down for the day.

We’re in a time of quickening, where everything happens faster and this is happening to many, many people. Remember, this is a huge time of change and it is vital for you to focus on the positive and let go of the fear.

Now go pour yourself a cup of tea and smile. You’re doing great!