I think people make mistakes when they create New Year’s resolutions. They always seem to cause pain – what you want to give up, stop doing or begin to do. But in the best of faith, we make too many resolutions, overstretching ourselves to the max, all with good intentions of course. And then by February (or earlier) these new resolutions fall by the wayside, and we’re back to where we were/

Resolutions cause pain, pain comes from resistance. Why is this the case? Inside ourselves we are actually struggling against something, against being the best we can be perhaps? (“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. ” ~ Marianne Williamson)

I’ve decided not to do resolutions for the last few years now, and I’ve got that “need” out of my system. However I’m looking at the end of 2011 in a different way than I usually do and asking myself –“What energies do I want to invite into 2012?”, “What energies can I leave behind in 2011?”

Everything takes energy, and it takes energy to do this work too. Seth Godin calls it “The Dip” and he says “people that lean into the dip, seek out the dip, and do whatever they have to do to overcome it are the ones that excel in their work”. “The Dip” according to Seth, is the difficult period that we have to get through before our path flows smoothly upwards and towards our goals.

I’m quite a private person – I’ve not really disclosed anything about my personal life in the year and a half I’ve been in private practice (and on Facebook!). But I’m going to today. Because I’m making this work real for me and it might help make it real for you, too.

So I face my Dip and ask the following questions:

 What Do I Want To Leave Behind in 2011?

My tired, self-sabotaging energies, the old ones that don’t let me reach my peak, the ones that keep me down in a space of self-depreciation.

What Do I Want To Invite Into 2012?

New, bubbly energies that say “It’s ok to feel great”, “It’s good to be alive and at your peak performance”… Ones that say “Look how many more people you can help when you are fully awake, fully clear and in your Zone”. Ones that say “step into your light and be the light that you are”.

That’s all. No diets, no exercise regime, no pressure. Just a shift in my internal energy. The rest will sort itself out. Once I believe truly and deeply within, that I do deserve to feel good, to be at my best, that it is OK to be happy and in my peak zone, I will naturally want to look after myself better so that I can stay there. Eating the right food, going for walks, a yoga class or the gym will follow naturally because it feels right, not because these things are something I feel I have to be doing. And I anticipate that this change will be long-lasting.

Why not try it for yourself – instead of saying “I will go to the gym more often” or “I will give up sugar and flour” why not look at what you are resisting? What it is that you’re afraid of? That’s the hard part, that’s the Dip. And you don’t have to do it today. (Phew!) Even just deciding “That sounds like it might have something in it, perhaps I’ll give that a go” could be enough to get a new process starting inside of you.

Have a wonderful New Year. I have a good feeling about 2012. If we made it this far, we’re on the road to happiness already!