Pamela Miles asked these questions on herblog, and it made me really think about what Reiki has brought to my life. I’d like to share my answer here, with you.

I never was inspired by anyone in particular, never had aspirations to be “like” anyone. Many people around me admired political figureheads, businessmen or Spiritual leaders. I never know what all the fuss was about! They were all just people to me, people who did extraordinary things, yes, but they all had to bathe, they all had to go to the bathroom, they all had to eat. I felt there was nothing magical about that.

The first person I ever met that evoked the thought in me: “I want to be just like her” was a Reiki practitioner called Ruth. I went to see her during a difficult time in my life and I was always upset, emotional and unbalanced when I arrived in to see her. She was the antithesis of me – calm, centred, peaceful, she seemed to glide around the room without her feet touching the ground. She had a beautiful smile and when she looked at me she was really there. I mean really – when you looked in her eyes, she was there. Me, I was always racing ahead into the future making plans, I’d loose my temper easily, I would go from being so happy I could cry, to being so sad that I would cry and I certainly was never able to stay in one place for too long.

After I experienced the magic of Reiki with Ruth I decided I needed to be able to do it for myself. My first Reiki class was an experience I’ll never forget (not necessarily for the right reasons but that’s another story – these things make us better teachers!).

I believe that it has been my practice of Reiki over the last 15 or so years that has brought me to the space of being able to be fully present, being patient and tolerant, being empathic and able to hold a safe space for my clients to become emotional and clear their own issues without becoming sucked into them myself. I am finally, now, the way that I perceived Ruth was during that time. It was a long journey to get here and I will always be grateful for the lessons I learned along the way.

I’ll be teaching Reiki level one in February 2012, over a Friday evening and a Saturday. It’s a remarkable experience and one that can really impact on your life for the better. If you are in Dublin, Ireland, and would like to come to class with me, you can email me: [email protected] or visit my website to find out more.