People ask me all the time what I do.

To put it in simple terms, I’m a soul doctor first, and a head doctor second. I work with the energy in your body, the energy that is you. The energy that leaves your physical body when you die, the energy that makes up the essence of life, pure source energy. I also work with the part of us that makes sense of the physical world, the part that some people call the ego, the self, the I.

The soul has no language, it talks through images, through densities and through vibrations. It’s our minds that interpret the language of the soul, and sometimes we get it wrong, we can’t hear it, or we refuse to listen.

If our soul has something important it wants to tell us, and we refuse to listen it first tries to get our attention through nightmares, or lucid dreams. If they go past us without the messages being heard, our soul energy is disturbed and blockages start to happen in the flow, which manifest in the body. Physical aches and pains occur, unwanted behaviours appear (such as cravings, uncontrollable crying, or unexpected anger). This shows us that we are out of balance and need to take some time to attend to what is going on for us.

If this gets ignored, we can then go on to have chronic pains such as severe lower back pain. We can go on to have chronic illness, depression, or depending on our constitution, we may have what is called a spiritual “wake up call” which comes in varying degrees of seriousness such as a fall (which can be a simple trip up, or a serious fall down the stairs); a car crash (again a simple bump from behind or a full on crash with the car a complete wreck), or cancer.

So yes this work is important. You MUST listen to your soul.

If you came to me for a session (and I do Skype so I can “see” you wherever you are in the world) I would ask you “How you are feeling now? What is going on for you right now?” and “Where do you feel something is not working?” Sometimes my clients don’t know the answers, so I need to “track” the soul energy. The soul knows.

So I would start working with your soul energy, “clearing and cleaning” it until your body can heal itself and come back into balance. Those messages that you couldn’t hear before become clear as the energy is transformed, and we listen together and make sense of them together and work through them so that you can do something about it. You can transform the pain into light, and grow. Yes it’s painful but think of the caterpillar cocoon where the butterfly emerges. That’s got to hurt, even just a little bit.

To be honest with you, there is not much point in me doing the energy soul work with you if you were to leave my healing space and go out in the world and do what you were doing before you came in to me. You could attract it all back in again. So that’s where the mind work comes in.

After the soul work is done, we look at the thought patterns that you have formed around the messages that came into the work. We see how you can re-map them, and change your ideas about yourself so that you have a more positive self-image, so that you feel more confident and grow into your power so that you no longer have to chase your dreams, but have your dreams find you. And I give homework – lots of it!

There is no way your life will ever be the same after seeing me, if you choose to step right into the opportunity. From cocoon to butterfly. But who wants to stay inside a cocoon?

Abby Wynne is available for Skype sessions and one to one sessions. To arrange your transformational healing session contact her on [email protected]. Mention this blog post and avail of a €10 discount off of your first session.