The energy around us is raising it’s vibration, making us feel like we are being shaken up. It’s like the world is turning up it’s volume, shouting out “I am here I am ready – Let’s Rock!!”
As a result of this, our personal heavy energy is being shaken up – this means that emotional wounds, should they be still within us, are being activated.
Some people are in crisis because they never dealt with their issues before. Some people are wondering why they feel like they are re-working issues they already worked through. It’s just a state that you are in, there is no wrong or right, no judgement to be made.
Why is this happening now?
Because it’s time to really, deeply LET GO. To leave the heaviness behind us for once and for all.
So be with how you are feeling, know that it is not just you that is feeling this way. Talk about it, ask for help, let the heaviness melt away so that you can be the clear, luminous being of shining light that you were born to be.