“You have to believe that there is a higher purpose, there is a reason for everything. We may not know what that is, perhaps we never will.”

I wrote this last night on Facebook, and it didn’t get a huge response, I felt it needed some expansion to get the message across that little bit better so I’m here on the blog! Even the rainbow in the photo which is showing the presence of something bigger than us, didn’t break through the shock (or the Facebook algorithms). Shock is a natural thing, and that’s ok. Someone out there took this photograph, noticed the beauty in the devastation, and that’s what I’m all about. Noticing beauty everywhere. Being happy, here and now.

I do not want to sound harsh here but part of me is wondering whether some people have become so disconnected from what is really important, that Sandy could be seen to be a wake-up call?

Hurricane Sandy has devastated a population used to a certain standard of living. Losing your house, your worldly belongings, is something that I would never ever wish upon anyone. However, we are just one small part of a much bigger picture, and the rest of it is just stuff. The universe needs us to be re-connected with that essential part that reminds us that we are more than the sum of our stuff, we are spiritual beings, having a human experience.

Maybe by losing all their worldly belongings in the city of hopes and dreams, the greater part of the population will realise that we are not in complete control. Maybe we could use this as a time of reflection, to pull back from what it is that we own, and to focus on what it is that we are.

And is it possible that the people who feel they have lost everything actually gained so much more? Gained back their faith in humanity? Gained back faith in compassion and goodness between strangers? I am not belittling what has happened in any way. I am fully aware that lives were lost. But we are but one small part in the greater universe, and we do need to understand that we cannot continue to live the way we have been living. There will be losses.

The collapse of the economy has brought a new sense of togetherness here in Ireland. It has re-introduced the feeling of community and support that was missing when the Celtic Tiger took us out of our essential selves and into the marketplace. I love it how business people are becoming more conscious, waking up to ethical trading. I love it how the “grow your own food” culture is expanding, how awareness is growing to enable us to support local, seasonal businesses. But not everyone is catching on. Sandy is, a wake-up call to those people who have not seen it yet.

Unfortunately, there will be more of these wake up calls, as we the population of Planet Earth, catch up with where we are meant to be. Please live from your heart at every moment. Become a globally conscious, compassionate, loving population.
I’m all for that. Are you?