I read a lot, and I listen to audio books – mostly motivational ones. It can be a difficult journey being a healer, a solo process. On the days where you feel alone they say you keep on trucking, keep moving forward and grab as many motivational books, tapes, posters, whatever you can get your hands on, to help keep you going. Personally I don’t feel alone, I love what I do, the results I get, and for the most part, I actually love hearing what these motivational speakers have to say.

In one of my audio books, Jack Canfield talks about moving forward with your goals, with your plans, no matter what. He said that it can sometimes feel like the road is foggy and you can’t see ahead of you, but as you move forward, the road clears just enough for you to see enough to move forward just a step or two again, and so on and so forth. It got me thinking, if you are spending so much energy on the bigger picture you might miss the details in the present moment.

Imagine the skill you need to have walking a tightrope – if you’re not in the now, in the present moment, you’re two or three steps ahead of yourself and it makes it more likely that you’ll lose your balance. When you’re in the present moment, you’re more available for the details. You’re also more available for the experience of being here, right now. Not in the past, in regrets, limiting beliefs or upsetting memories, but here, now.  People say they have trouble with that – with truly being here now. I think it comes down to patience. Being content with what you have, here and now. Not needing anything to be any different.

If you’re feeling in a fog right now, feeling lost or alone, or impatient that things are not happening fast enough for you, take a few minutes to stop and be grateful for what you have, for the part of the road that you can see. Breathe. Trust that if you follow your heart with what you are doing, you’re heading in the right direction.

Painting: An Ordinary Day – Patti Ballard