I recently came across the 13 goals for a witch, and I thought – wow! How beautiful! They really illustrate the journey of healing, and I wanted to share them here with you.

1. Know yourself. Self awareness is the beginning of health, becoming aware of what isn’t working, of what is, and how it shifts and changes as you do something about it.

2. Know your craft. Your craft could be anything you are good at – your talent, your gift to the world. It’s about stepping into your life’s purpose, and being that.

3. Learn and grow. No point staying static, as long as you have a physical body, there are things to learn, and things to do!

4. Apply knowledge with wisdom. Don’t do it the way you were told to, do it based on your experience, your perception of the world, and your learning.

5. Achieve balance. Keeping balanced in a world that’s constantly changing is a difficult task, this goal maps beautifully to goal 3, by keeping balance in an unbalanced world, we automatically learn and grow.

6. Keep your words in good order. See the blog post “Words Matter” or “The Energetic Power or Words” to learn more about this.

7. Keep your thoughts in good order. The alchemical formula states: as above, so below. Don’t say one thing and mean another. Makes sense doesn’t it? Read my blog post “The Power of Thought” for more on this.

8. Celebrate life. Coming from a space of celebration and gratitude keeps your energy high, your thoughts pure and your body healthy.

9. Attune with the cycles of the earth. This one is about communion with nature, respecting the environment and being part of that. Knowing that we have cycles too (wake/sleep cycle, growth cycles, menstruation…) to dance with the seasons, to work with them instead of against them.

10. Breathe and eat correctly. Common sense? Maybe not – I love the saying I saw recently “Eat locally grown, organic, fresh food. Or as your grandmother would call it, food.”  There’s so much out there that is no longer pure. And breathing is so important too, reduces stress, lowers blood pressure and allows the body to heal.

11. Exercise the body. Beautiful goal, keep moving keep strong keep in the flow of life. Need I say more?

12. Meditate. In order to come back to ourselves, we need to disconnect from the environment around us, and just be. To move away from our mind chatter, and into the space of the energy that is our soul. Just being what we are, and remembering who we are.

13. Honour the Goddess and God. I think in general this one means to realise that we are part of something that is bigger than us. To have that spiritual awareness that we are not alone, we are loved, supported and looked after.

If you live by these goals, you will have a healthy body, a  healthy mind and a high vibration. If you had resistance or an aversion towards witchcraft, perhaps its time to look at it again with fresh eyes?

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