My children were asking me what Spam is this morning. I said “It’s a pretend meat in a can”. “So how does that get into my email?” asked my son. We laughed. Indeed – made me think about the choice of name – spam as well. I played with it, coming up with “Spam – the meat that nobody wanted, with no nutritional value whatsoever.” Same goes for those emails – nobody signed up for them, nobody wants to read what is in them. But Spam does have an energy and I decided to investigate my own Inbox when I set up my laptop later this morning.  

My blog is doing really well, it’s getting noticed, so I have a lot of Spam comments. They cause me frustration and I have to delete them on a continual basis. This takes energy away from me. So this morning I put a Spam filter in place and tagged the main culprit’s IP addresses and hopefully it should happen in the background now leaving me free to work on more important things. I thought I’d look a little deeper so I checked my Spam folder to see what was in there. Not too much of value, however there were a couple emails that were mislaid, so I marked them as “not spam” and binned the rest.

Then I looked at my Inbox – I had 43 email’s today, most of which were notifications or unwanted newsletters/announcements. It takes time to go through all of these, so I took the time and unsubscribed, I created a filter to send some of them directly to the bin, and I went into Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and deselected options for notification emails so that I only get the ones that are meaningful (such as when someone uploads a picture and tags me in it).

Cleaned out. Freed up. And Spam-Free.

How could we adapt this Spam-Free idea to relationships? To social occasions? To phone calls and texts? Please leave some ideas here in the comment box, as long as they’re not Spam!