I was caught up in a Twitter debate when a psychic came onto Irish television. It became apparent to me that Spirituality and Supernatural are really intertwined and that people can have a problem separating them out.

I saw where I made a mistake in my tweeting, getting carried away with the energy of it all, and I really experienced how making mistakes can become new learning. So I want to share this new learning with you, especially as there is so much information flying around right now about Spirituality, Supernatural and the Paranormal as we move quickly towards December 12th (12.12.12).  

All of the explanations here  are my own opinion based on years of experience working with energy medicine and with science. I hope that they help you clarify how you see these divisions too, whether you agree with me or not. Ultimately I am writing this so that it helps people feel more comfortable deciding whether or not to believe/take to heart something when reading material that is outside of their comfort zone.

We can all agree that we could do with less fear out there, and more love. And we can also agree to disagree. We need to be critical thinkers regardless, and respect others opinions. (Twitter is an amazing forum for discussion, but I do find a lot of negativity out there. You can join me on Twitter @abbynrghealing).

What is Spirituality?

Spirituality is a deep, self awareness. Spirituality is when you have a connection to your heart, to your soul. You can get lost from your spiritual self when you are caught up in the emotional self; this can happen during depression, bereavement or emotional pain. You can get caught up in the mental self when you are surrounded constantly by your thought processes, and this can disconnect you from your essential, spiritual self. You can also become disconnected from your spiritual self when you are suffering from chronic physical pain, and consumed by issues from your physical body. But your spiritual self is always there, and it is deeply connected to your heart, and your capacity for unconditional love.

By bringing yourself back to your spiritual self, what you are actually doing is reminding the other parts of you (mental, physical and emotional) that you exist. You connect directly with that essential part of you that’s always been here, through all of your life experiences, the part of you that observes your behaviour. Connecting in with that part brings peace, it allows you to release pent up anger and frustration and can help you be more responsible, and less of a reactionist.  How you connect to your spiritual self depends very much on where you are on your journey – if you are caught in the mental, perhaps meditation will not work for you as you cannot be still with your thoughts, you may need to dance, or go for a walk in nature to come back into balance with yourself. If you are caught in the physical, energy healing, a bath, massage or an appropriate form of pain release may help bring you back to your centre. Emotional pain also can be released via energy healing, by acceptance, forgiveness and a readiness to move on.

Having a spiritual practice is a way to connect to your essential self, every day. My spiritual practice is a combination of Reiki and meditation, that’s what works for me right now. By connecting in mindfully to yourself every day, you have time to “catch up with yourself” – to ground and to process what is going on in your life on a day to day basis. You have time to contemplate what you want from life, where you’re going, and what you need to do to be more at peace, and to be happy.

When we are connected to our spiritual self, in moments of silence, we may experience moments of transcendence. Transcendence is when our awareness comes out of this world, out of the details of the day, and awakens to the things which are bigger than us. This is when we can truly see that we are cogs in the wheel of a big machine. When we connect to our spirituality we also connect to that spiritual part within everyone else. Together, at the spiritual level, we can surrender to the higher good and trust that this machine we are only a small part of, is moving in a direction that is right for all of us, for the highest good of everyone.

What is the Supernatural/Paranormal?

Here lies the realm of Angels, Unicorns, Mermaids, Fairies and Dragons. Here lies the realm of loved ones who have passed away and have not left this earth, the realm of Ascended Masters, Gods and Goddesses. This is where those reside that live beyond this planet, many light years away. This realm is separate to Spirituality yet it can feel like a natural space for some people to flow into, when they feel that spiritual transcendence.

Why do they get mixed up?

To be a spiritual being, you do not need to believe in any of the above. In fact, you are spiritual already; it is your nature to be spiritual, your journey is to claim that part of you and be true to it, not necessarily needing to believe in Angels, Gods, Goddesses or suchlike. You don’t have to talk to your great grandmother who passed away 20 years ago in order to be a spiritual being.

When you connect to the transcendent part of you, you are connecting to the collective consciousness, to the Universe, to God, Great Spirit, that which cannot be named and yet has a thousand names (and yes all to the one end, this is all the same thing).

The problem our minds create is around the labels that we give to these energies, and the baggage we carry is also around the labels that we use for these energies. The energy itself is pure, welcoming, loving and peaceful. It has had a lot of bad press, it has had a lot of misinterpretation, misrepresentation, and there are many people out there who take advantage of people’s vulnerabilities. However, this is a fault of us humans, and does not take away from the essence of what is there to be discovered.

And the way I see it, Angels, Fairies and the like are packets of energy with a specific job or purpose. They have a consciousness of their very own, and they want to help us walk the path of love. These energies are part of the greater whole; they can be powerful and strong, beautiful and loving, or gentle, but always kind. I personally find that it brings me great peace when I call upon these energies for myself, or for my clients. As a scientist, after testing my doubts, my fears and my lack of belief, I have to surrender to my experiences, and say that I now know these energies exist.

When I extend my beliefs outwards, the possibility of paranormal beings then becomes real: who are we to say that we are the only ones that exist in the Universe?

I would like to think that these beings are all coming from love, that they strive to live to nurture and care for each other, such as we strive to do here on Earth. I personally leave this possibility open in my mind, and perhaps at some other time in my life, if it is part of my journey, I will discover more of what this stuff is made of. I’m happy to say there are some things that I know about, and some that I don’t know about. I trust that this big machine we are part of is connected to other big machines, and that nothing exists in this Universe by accident.

To Conclude

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; We are spiritual beings having a human experience”.

I would suggest that society, politics, and religion serves to distance us from our spiritual part as they wish to gain control and have an obedient population. I’m not saying society or religion are a bad thing, they get confused and we get caught up and further distanced from our true, essential self.

I would also suggest that our role as human beings is to remember who we are and why we are here, to be and to act out of a space of love. When we come back to our spiritual part, we come back to love. And from this space of love, we can accept everyone as they are, all of us sisters or brothers together.  My hope is that we would be able to do this whether we believe in Angels, Extra-terrestrials, or we don’t. And wouldn’t that be a beautiful world?

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