Feeling alone is very different to being alone, because we can BE alone, and yet feel connected to ourselves and to others. We can FEEL alone when in a crowd, even when in a relationship, because we are disconnected, because we cannot share our thoughts and feelings with someone we trust. Perhaps there isn’t anyone that we truly trust enough to open up to completely.

There are many reasons why we disconnect , these include loss of relationships, illness, a burden we carry such as a secret, or we are hurting from something that happened to us. It can be very difficult to open our hearts to the world and allow ourselves trust and love again.

When we feel alone we cope with it. Usually by escaping from it, working longer hours, watching movies, turning to food or alcohol. Some people rely on a pet or a hobby, or even self-help books. But feeling alone leaves a void that needs filling up, and this void becomes part of our identity the longer we live with it. We unknowingly isolate ourselves further from people as we move deeper into the void.

Feeling alone = empty and unfulfilled, feeling abandoned,
increases stress levels, feeds on despair and self-doubt.

Being alone is a very different space to feeling alone.

When we are being alone, we can connect energetically with ourselves, with mother earth, with any helping, healing spirits that we work with either knowingly or unknowingly. It is a time of peace, of relaxation and an opportunity to tune into our higher selves.

Being alone = solitude, fulfilment through inspiration, freedom from distraction,
nourishes our body, mind and spirit.

For all those of you out there who are feeling alone today, as hard as it might seem, know that you are not. It is a difficult struggle, it seems like you are in a pit of despair. But as you find yourself at or close to the bottom of the pit, you CAN climb up and out of it. It might feel like an impossible task, but there are many of us here with helping hands to guide you up and over the rocks and stones because we have been here before, and have survived.

How do you start? Be who you are. Say what you feel. Ask for help.