I was excited when my newly published article in Elephant Journal received over 1000 views just 3 days after publication! (click here to read). Where did they all come from??!! What drew them to that piece of writing? I believe it’s the content, the voice, the tone I used in it. I wrote this piece in a different way, from the perspective of being in the work, as well as talking about the work.

It made me think – this way of writing, this stepping into the work, really resonates with people. I should do more of it.

The soul has no language, it speaks to us in images. This isn’t a new idea, James Hillman and Carl Jung discovered this when immersing themselves in the collective unconsciousness. Embracing this aspect of how we are constructed in an active way allows people to actually do their work. The work of forgiveness, of letting go, of growing and expanding. It actually allows people to heal.

Rather than talking about about how it works and why you should do it, let’s just do it.

It’s time to heal.