Today I treated myself to a lunch out. I had time between clients and if I could get a nice meal, it would keep me going until the short break I had between late evening clients  And well, I deserve it!!

I drove to my favourite restaurant and had a lovely meal and a coffee. If I left straight afterwards I knew I had enough time to write a blog post before the next client arrived. When I started driving back, a bin lorry pulled out in front of me. It was a one way street, so I knew I’d be stuck there for a while.

Rather than get all anxious and upset, I thought I’d watch the bin-men in action. There were two of them, and they laughed and joked as they moved swiftly house to house to bring the green bins to the truck. We reached an alleyway with about 16 bins, and the driver hopped out of the cab, and went to help them. They were so cheery in the February sunshine, that I couldn’t help but be lifted too. These men, doing what most people think of as a menial task, but something vital. Working their way down the street, clearing the rubbish out.

We do that in energy healing – clearing the rubbish out. I decided to be fully present while in the car, in the moment, not thinking or worrying about being late, about the time ticking past. To do this I breathed out my own “rubbish” from my energy system, and felt better immediately  I then decided that I could write a blog post about this very thing! As soon as I thought it I smiled, and one of the bin-men caught my eye. He smiled back at me, and the next time the bin truck stopped he showed me a space just big enough that I could get my car around. I was clear of the truck, clear of my heavy energy, and clear to come back, write this post, and be present for my clients.

Next time you’re getting upset about something that you really can’t control, once you recognise it you can take the time to release the anxiety around it, the urgency around it. Give it your attention, then breathe it out, like you’re clearing the rubbish out. Something always clears at that very moment, and frees you up so you can move forward!