Time is the substance of life. When anyone asks you to give your time, they’re really asking for a chunk of your life. –Antoinette Bosco

The commodity it seems that we would all like to have more of is time. What is a commodity? A commodity is anything that is useful and valuable and can be exchanged. Time is most definitely useful and valuable, but can it be exchanged? Whether you are exchanging it for pay in your job, a fulfilling feeling in donating your time to a local organization, or sitting in a recliner to unwind, are you not exchanging the time for something? How many of us have made the statement, “I wish there were more hours in the day”? Or “This commute just wastes so much of my time?“ Time is most definitely a useful and valuable commodity that we exchange whether we realize it or not.

If you were given an extra hour a day, what would you really do with it? Who would you spend it with? Would that extra hour add something positive to your life or will it just be an extra hour oftime is moneystress? We all make decisions every day regarding our time. We decide whether or not the exchange rate for the commodity of time is worth it or not. We make these decisions sometimes deliberately and sometimes without even giving it a thought. If we were to change the verbiage as an example. Let’s say that each hour of the day was worth $1,000.00.

Is this worth $1,000.00 for me to pay to spend the hour?

Putting a dollar amount on the hour sure changes the perspective. Changing your perspective on the way you think about time, can actually change your entire life.

Time can be a precious gift. A gift that you share with those around you. In reality you get to choose if it is a gift or a curse. A gift or a curse not only for you and but anyone else that is around you. Go back to the example that every hour is worth $1,000.00 for a moment. You are going to spend an hour at your child‘s school. You are going to withdraw $1,000.00 to be there. Are you going to whine and complain that you have so many other things to be doing making it not only a waste for you, but miserable for your child and anyone else in ear shot? You get to make the deliberate decision here whether you are going to add something to the situation (which by the way usually ends up in getting large deposits in your own commodity bank that ensure it was a worthy of your time. Especially when a child looks up at you with a big grin because you deliberately decided to spend your commodity of time with them. When your every decision becomes a deliberate decision rather than the wasted or negated decision made in haste, it is amazing how you suddenly find yourself with that extra time in the day.

So lets flip the question again and see how this deliberate decision really works.

Is this worth my time? Is this worth my Life?

Go ahead and reread both those sentences again. Profound if you think about it. If you think about it from a perspective that time is really your life. Time is the moments you spend each day living. The moments you laugh, the moments you cry, the moments you experience emotions from anger to joy, and the moments you spend with other people. So Is this worth my Life really is making a deliberate decision to spend your commodity of time. The deliberate decision changes the perspective of every day life, transforming it into a spectacular wind fall.

investWhen you begin to change the words that you use, it can truly change your perspective and change your life. When you begin to make deliberate decisions it is like being empowered with extra life. Suddenly, you realize that you can add or make deposits to any situation instead of constantly feeling like someone is constantly taking a withdrawal. You begin to exchange the commodity on your terms, rather than allowing someone else to make the terms for you.

Empowerment is akin to receiving an extra hour of time being deposited every day. Time is truly the essence of all living beings existence and it is valuable. Time equates to Life.

Given this new perspective, how much are you going to let be withdrawn out of your life today? Or will you be the one who begins to make deposits daily through deliberate decisions?


Carla Goddard, Msc.D.

carlaCarla Goddard, Msc.D. is a practicing Contemporary Medicine Woman, visionary of “We The Women” Community, and founder of Soulvolutional™ Coaching … An evolutionary revolution for the soul.

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