Pinterest. Have you been there yet? I’m there and I’m expanding, reaching more out there due to the recent limitations on Facebook. But oh my goodness what beauty lies there, what extravagance, what sparkle. It’s amazing –if you don’t know what Pinterest is,  you create a “board”, and then you “pin” interesting images onto it (Pin – interest). You can choose a theme for each board, and you can have as many boards as you want. Blue, Yellow, Purple – some people set up their boards based on colour. Places, spaces, expanses, animals, mother nature, houses, flowers, doors, shoes, fashion. Anything you want! All of these boards on public display expressing the things that people love. What an opportunity! I got lost in there for quite a while, until it all got too much for me and I had to switch off!!

Colour is a vibration, beauty is a vibration, so is happiness. All higher, faster moving energies. If you can’t resonate with these fast and high energies it is because there’s something heavy in you that doesn’t match. Emotions such as anger, jealousy, grief, sadness move slow and are heavy, sometimes we are feeling them at the surface, it is when we feel emotional, like the dam that is about to burst. Other times we carry these heavy slow energies deep beneath in the sub-consciousness, feelings we have that we are not good enough, that we will never be what we long to be, or that we are not worth very much at all. These feelings are called limiting beliefs because they limit your potential as a human being, and by recognising them and working with them, you can transform them and clear the heaviness deep inside, bringing in the light.

We don’t normally surround ourselves with such an amount of beauty. And, we don’t normally see the beauty in everyday things because we are so caught up in what we are thinking about. I’m sitting here at my desk, and I can see the beauty in the shape of my lamp, the curve in the laptop, even the shadow that hits the keys on my keyboard. But these small things are hidden, and when I can I go looking for them. I once said to a friend “I can find beauty in an ashtray in an airport”. I wasn’t bragging, there is a fascination in me around ordinary things, that on a deeper level makes them extraordinary.

So there I was, looking around on Pinterest, and I realise that I am looking at reflections of people’s essential selves without the limiting beliefs. Pinning up images on an electronic board is a freedom for people to express beauty without directly relating it back to themselves. So they lose their limiting beliefs, and go for the beauty, they go for the diamonds. Why not!! So much light, fast energy, exaggerated beauty everywhere:  rich textures colours,patterns, brightness, lightness…… hundreds and hundreds of images high and fast high and fast…. I had to turn it off!! Why? Overwhelm. It was too much to take in!!!