I tend to avoid discussing religious holidays but today I feel compelled to talk about the possibility of what the resurrection of Christ really means. I say the possibility – as a spiritual person, not a religious one, I can only say what I am feeling, and right now I am feeling that Christ Consciousness is already here.

I believe that the Christ Consciousness has returned, just as they say the messiah will return, the messiah in all of us is here now.

As human beings today we all have the capacity to connect to one of the higher, enlightened parts of the collective consciousness, the part which is connected to the teachings of Christ. It is within our grasp, all of us, not one above the other, not one greater than the other. We can all access this, all we need is the desire to do so.

There is no physical body to rise again, we are that physical body. It is the purity of heart, the love within us that rises now. Tap into the wellsprings of love that reside within your heart and allow this love to rise, to bubble, to pour out of you, out from your heart centre. Spread this love outwards to those people that you love, those that you care about; spread it even further to those that you are not getting along with, to those you have never met.

Send this love that is your birthright, our birthright, this love that belongs to everyone, send it out there, and raise the vibration of the planet.

Happy Easter xxx Abby’s Energy Healing Page

Artwork by Jahsah Ananda