Keep your light shining. After yesterday I have decided to use that phrase as my sign-off for letters and emails. Yesterday was the Boston marathon bombings, another ripple in the outwards motion of change. I suppose in a way it’s inevitable, when something changes there are aftershocks, this is one of those aftershocks. Let me explain by telling a story.

When I moved into my healing room three years ago it had been lying vacant for a long time. Before I moved in, the room had been a photography studio, an architect’s office and a grocery shop. After several months of standing dormant, vacant, I moved in and turned it into a healing space.

Even for those of you that claim to know nothing about energy you must accept that the energy of healing is very different to architecture, photography or groceries. Although there can be healing in architecture, photography and groceries, the chances that healing was primary focus in those businesses were small to none. So by moving into the space and changing the primary focus of the space to healing, I also changed the energy.

What does this have to do with the Boston bombings you ask? Well, you cannot change the energy of any one thing, in isolation of every other thing. There are ripple effects, spreading outwards, possibly further outwards than we will ever understand. The main issue is this – people are terrified of change. They don’t want to change, simple as that. They have become used to their uncomfortable familiar state of heaviness, and don’t want to first of all realise that “life could have been better for years if only…” and second of all, they don’t want to change and grow because they are afraid of what they will become. What tears this whole thing apart is this – people actually DO want to grow, but it’s like a teenager having no choice but to grow into an adult, we rebel against change, particularly change we have no control over. We fight and struggle against it until, just as Anais Nin said, the day comes “when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

We are forced to change because the pain of staying the same is too great.

Back to my story: Once I moved into the space, it was like an explosion went off on the street. I had angry neighbours banging on my window interrupting workshops, I had planning permission accusations and potential court cases, bins were put out in front of my office and cars blocked me into my parking space. Someone even reported my website to the advertising standards authority. All of this happened within the first 6 months of my moving in. I held my ground, continued to shine my light, and after a time, things around me started to calm down. One of the neighbours knocked at the door to see what the place looked like on the inside, cats started to hang around, as if they were protecting the space out front and little children came over and peered in the windows, saying hello. The most remarkable thing was that one of my neighbours swept the path in front of my door! Now, into my third year here I get nods on the street, hellos and even waves sometimes. Not often, but sometimes.

Ok back to Boston. 2012 was a huge year for energy shifts. Not just someone new changing the energy of one building on a street, but a huge positive shift in the world, affecting EVERYTHING. Wow. You don’t even have to imagine the ripples from that one – big changes have come bringing death of old ways of life and increases in general awareness. We saw, amongst other things banks collapsing, occupy movements, the pope resigning…. Increase in awareness around food, shifts in the weather patterns and incidents of natural calamities. These shifts also brought out the rebellious “I don’t want to change and neither will you” shown through mass shootings in schools, death of innocents, and this latest one, three bombs in Boston during the marathon on a public holiday. It is shocking. It is inevitable.

Here’s the thing, you and I, we need to hold onto the lighter, positive new energies of change. The big dark room that we once lived in is lightening up, but the last remaining darkness is crying out in pain, and kicking up a storm, refusing to change. I’m not trying to be facetious here, real pain is happening, death, maiming, loss of life. Loss of innocent children’s lives. What I am trying to do is to make sense of this in the best way that I can, and I’m hoping that this may help make sense of it for some of you.

I care, I really do care, but if we have to take sides, I’m on the side of the light. May the light always prevail. I am standing hand in hand, arm in arm with those people in the world who are suffering now because of the ripple effect from these changes, not just in Boston but all around the world. Wherever there is unrest, unjust actions, killing; wherever darkness is kicking up and saying “No! No! I will survive no matter what the cost…” Darkness, I’m holding space that you won’t survive, but you will transform and become light because we are all holding light in our hearts; not an army of light, not a war against darkness. Just love.

Keep your light shining, Namaste. Abby.