My Healing Meditations help you Expand, Ground, Clear and Open your energy. If used regularly they will promote self-healing, bring you into balance and keep you centred and relaxed.

Feel supported whenever you need to by the sound of my voice, guiding you to relaxation. You can buy them as digital format, then download them and listen to them on your phone or music player as often as you wish.  If you prefer the old fashioned way, they are also available as a CD from Amazon.

For a powerful healing exercise, listen to one of these meditations every day for one week and see how much better you will feel! Find out more on my website:

From people who have listened to the meditations:

“I don’t like guided meditations, I’ve never found anyone’s voice I could tolerate. And then I found Abby! Not only do I love her lilting tone, I feel healing happening to me right away. Give it a try – you won’t regret it!”  Martha, UK

“I was upset at first when I stepped into my Heart Room because it was so dreary and drab. I spent some time in there spring cleaning, now it’s bright and cheery and I love going in there to connect to my heart.” Penny, USA

“Instant wave of relief and relaxation and release just hearing your lovely gentle voice for the first time, crying with relief and gratitude. I LOVE YOU!!!! To Freedom….” Nancy, USA

“I found this meditation difficult at first, but once I relaxed into it I really felt the benefits. I realise now that I need to do this type of work all the time so that I can maintain good health. Thanks Abby!!” Sam, Drogheda.

“After trying this with you in a session and feeling the powerful results there, I was so happy to see you recorded it so that I can do it at home, anytime I need to.” Majella, Donnabate.