Recently I took part in a series of online interviews entitled The Online Empowerment Series. I was one of 8 experts interviewed about how we use social media to spread our message and reach more people. I really enjoyed chatting to Marisa and Corinna, as well as the knowledge we shared, we also giggled a lot! My topic was “Authenticity and Social Media”; we talked about the energy of the Facebook feed, about the importance of being true to yourself when posting, and how being strong and grounded in valuing what you have to offer really does come across to your audience.

As you can see from the image I’ve posted along with this blog post, YouTube took the replay of the video down! They said we were in breach of their community guidelines. We were puzzled as to what exactly the problem was – did we have too much fun?! Did we empower people too much? What is empowerment anyway? And how can we be empowered when we’re online?

Marisa and Corinna sum up online empowerment as:

  • having a purpose every time you go online
  • owning a strategy to fulfil your purpose and achieve your goals
  • gaining the necessary skills to achieve those goals and be productive
  • knowing what resources to use and when to ask for help.

In terms of business use of social media, these points fit really well. In terms of general empowerment, they also fit, that’s why I’m writing about them here, in A Healer’s Journey. In essence, being empowered is about knowing where you want to go (purpose) – and making a commitment to go there. To do that you need to break it all out into goals (strategy), then identify and gain the skills you need to achieve those goals.

As you know I’m all about empowering my clients. I always say to new clients that I never ask people to sign up for a certain number of sessions nor will I ever tell people they have to come back. I teach many of my client’s skills and tools that they can use outside of our sessions to make life more manageable. To support this, I have a “Be Empowered” section on my website with my book and my meditations available to download and work with right away.

Here’s the difficult part of empowerment – we’re not all born knowing everything. That sounds obvious when I say it here, but remember – part of being empowered is “gaining the skills you need to achieve those goals”. This presumes that there are skills that you don’t have, skills you might not even know you have, or skills you might not even know you need. And of course, there are also skills that you may never ever be good at, no matter how hard you try. Being empowered doesn’t mean hitting your head against a brick wall to try to learn something that just doesn’t resonate with you. The first step to becoming empowered really, is to admit that you may not have everything you need in order to get to where you want to go. Funny, huh?

That’s why I love the last bullet point – knowing when to ask for help. That’s why I’m writing about this here, asking for help is not asking a silly question – whether it’s about social media or about your mental/physical/emotional health and well being. We don’t have all the answers, that’s a fact of life. There ARE people out there who you can ask. Be empowered now, and take that first step – ask for the help you know you need.

And as for YouTube taking our interview video down? Well, my lesson in empowerment is to realise that you can’t depend on any third party website – sometimes you have to take the reins in your own hands! I have set out a new purpose, identified the skills and resources that I need and at the moment I am empowering myself and creating new tools and learning new skills so I can be more available to all of you, while being authentic and standing in my own power.

It’s exciting, and I can’t wait to tell you more!


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