Every so often I like to share with my facebook page how I am doing and/or get their support with something. For example, I told everyone on facebook (15,000 people – so no mean feat) that I was giving up wheat. I got lots of encouragement, positivity, and of course many questions as to why I needed to do it. Which needless to say lead to a very interesting discussion! Because of the disclosure on my page and the positivity I received, I was able to feel strong enough to give up the dreaded wheat, and in fact I stayed off of it for a good 8 weeks and cleared out my system completely. I was then able to discover that it isn’t wheat that affects my energy levels and my body but in fact gluten, and it is also a combination of wheat and sugar – biscuits and cake are off the menu for good. But I’m back on the wheat again, (the non-glutenous variety) and feeling great.

It lead me to think that I should do this more often, share what I am doing with my friends out there, friends that support me and send me positivity, even though I have never met them. So last Friday I shared that I was having trouble sitting still long enough to finish chapter 3 of my new book. As the positive comments rolled in, I found myself moving off of facebook and into chapter 3, and what didn’t seem to click together unstuck and rebuilt itself, to create an even better than expected ending to a chapter entitled “Making Friends with Yourself”. I was (and still am) delighted about that, and came back to facebook to share the good news. 50 comments later and I’m still smiling!

If you are thinking that networks like facebook are a nuisance to society, I hope this post makes you think again. I have met many friends on facebook, and know from the responses on Abby’s Energy Healing Page that there are many more people out there with good hearts that I am only getting to know in brief. It is wonderful to think that it is possible to connect with a community of light, a supportive, international community who hold space for a stranger to get through a challenge. And long may it last!