Sometimes I get angry, I admit it. Yes, I consider myself a spiritual person – but there is a misconception about that spiritual people don’t get angry, are not thrown off by life, or never have a worry or a care in the world. It’s truly not the case.

All of us are spiritual essence in a physical, human body. Human bodies need other human bodies, and when you get a bunch of humans together, well, it’s inevitable that someone is going to annoy someone else. And it happens – a lot. The second worst thing you can do is react from a place of anger, the worst thing of all is to hold onto it.

Recently I noticed that I was getting angry a lot more frequently than usual. I took some time out to sit with what was going on to try to figure it out. I asked myself a good, spiritual question based on the idea that we project parts of ourselves outwards onto other people. “What is it in that person that I don’t like in me?” and yes, that helped me make sense of some of it and heal a part of myself that I felt needed healing. But it didn’t make sense of all of it. So I had to realise that we do not resonate with EVERYONE. There are some people that can just push our buttons, that really annoy us, and that’s just a fact of life.

  • We can’t make people change, we can only change our own attitude. 
  • We can’t control anyone else, we can only control ourselves.

With these two things in mind, you almost have the complete formula for living with other human beings, but there is something missing. Patience. Being patient with ourselves. This is a form of expansion, as we grow stronger in our energies, we expand, and when we expand, we have more to work with. We have more patience.

So here is what I suggest – when you get angry try allowing yourself be angry. Recognise it, let it flow through you and let it subside. Like a wave crashing up against the shore. If the anger doesn’t feel like it’s subsiding, ask for it to tell you why, or ask for it to leave. Breathe WITH the anger, not against it. You might need to say it out loud – admit that you are angry, even admit who you are angry with and why. And then ask yourself is there something you need to do? Are you angry because your boundaries were encroached? If that is the case, then regroup, reclaim your power and strength (try this meditation to help do that) and then say what you have to say to claim back your space. If you’re not confident to do it straight out, then imagine that person in the room with you and say it to their higher self, that part of them that’s spiritual. They will hear you, something might shift, or you might have to have that conversation again, with that person actually in the room this time.

But above all have patience with yourself, and be nice to you. Be compassionate and be patient. The anger will work through you and you’ll come out of it the better person.