In business they say you have to have a vision, that you can create a mission statement to put this vision into words. I thought this would be an interesting exercise so I came up with one, and the more I thought about it the stronger I felt about it! Here it is – To heal the world by teaching people how to heal themselves. Everything I do I can map back to this mission statement, it keeps me on track.  So when I began to look to expanding my work, I came right back to this as a springboard.

One of the biggest questions I keep asking is this –  How can I reach more people? So I started thinking about what people need, so I asked even more questions – to make sure I found the right question!  I came up with this one “What is the main problem that people are experiencing that is stopping them from receiving healing?”

I love my healing practice and I have had so many amazing results with my clients; including pain relief (both physical and emotional), career enhancement, new relationships, increased self-esteem, I know the healing work has helped people renew their zest for life. But it doesn’t stop in my healing centre, reports after distance healing on Facebook included amazing stories such as an anorexic who gained back their appetite for food, people sleeping better, someone even felt safe enough to leave their house for the first time in 3 years! The Facebook healings were being sent out to groups of people at a time, one time I sent healing out to over 600 people! That felt really powerful to me, just being connected to so many people all with intention to feel better, amplified the healing so much – wow what a day that was!  But back to the business that I am in, the reality is that I have to charge for healing, just as a doctor would charge for his/her time, or a lawyer or a dentist for theirs.

As I was working through this issue I received three requests from three different people all looking for distance healing. When I came back with the fee for the sessions, all three people backed out, all saying they couldn’t afford it. Over that particular month I received 7 more requests with all the same results – backing out because of money. I was dismayed, it seemed to be all about the money. Therein lay the answer to my question – the biggest thing that gets between people and their healing process is the belief that they do not have enough money to invest in themselves. Ok I had an answer. So my next question was this – “How can I alleviate that pain?”

I put this question out to the Universe – “How can I best be of service if people who need the healing the most are really struggling with money, yet I need to feel that the healing I am sending out is being valued?” The answer came back much quicker this time – Set up a low cost healing group! I could send out one hour of powerful healing to the group twice a month, and each member pays less than the price of a meal to be part of it. Group healing is so powerful, and setting group intention amplifies the healing even more. Yes! This felt exactly right! Ok, this was good, it felt exciting, but it only fulfilled one part of my mission statement, the healing part. I still had to add in the “teaching people how to heal themselves” part so I thought about it for a while longer. Then I realised that I could supply the healing group with a forum – a space for the members to chat to each other, to share experiences, make new friends and feel supported as they empower each other to feel better. YES!

Now I knew I was on track. But then another idea came to me – what if I created a second group where people can also receive direct learning like webinars, audio and email lessons, all to enable them to learn how to heal themselves? Yes again! And so, Abby’s Healing Circle, and Abby’s Empowered Healing Circle were born! Wow – I love doing this work!



If you’d like to find out how you can become a member of Abby’s Healing Circle, click here.

Abby’s Empowered healing circle will be launched later on this year.