You’ve heard the saying “cleanliness is next to godliness”? It’s an interesting one because we spend lots of time ensuring our physical body is clean, but not as much time with our spiritual, god-like body.

We wake up in the morning, shower, brush our teeth… we come home at the end of the day, wash our face and brush our teeth – but how many of you clean your energy?

Picking up negativity from others (or creating it for yourself) does weigh you down, and when you go to bed your body may be clean but your energy is still carrying all the spiritual “dirt” you may have picked up that day. That “dirt” I refer to here could be from negative perpetuating thoughts, from something you read in the paper or saw on tv or it could be an argument/emotional upset that you can still feel in your energy field even though that person is not physically around you at that time.

If you don’t clean your energy, you bring all of these charged items into the new day where they can influence your thoughts, your emotions and how you react or respond to situations that come up for you. Sure time heals all wounds, and perhaps over time, or even as you are sleeping, some of this stuff naturally dissolves away. However, sometimes some things just don’t leave, and they then build up over time, or even solidify in your energy field. They can manifest as a short temper, lower tolerance to certain things, physical stress in your body or mental blocks towards certain tasks or certain people. At worst they can weigh you down so much you feel depressed, make you physically ill or feel like life is not worth living anymore.

Does this sound familiar to you?

We’re not formally taught how to clean our energy field in school, and most families are not aware that it is something we need to do. A Spiritual practice helps us reconnect to ourselves, and disconnect from all the energetic “dirt” we may have picked up. And in doing that, it enables the “dirt” to dissolve away quicker. It also helps us recognise what is ours, and what is not ours (like someone else’s anger, for example).

A spiritual practice is anything that disconnects you from your busy brain, and reconnects you to your heart. Because we are all different, spiritual practices take the shape of something different for everyone. And it can be different at different times, too. You can try mindfulness, meditation, energy healing, yoga, tai chi, listening to music, drawing, singing, walking in nature…. The list is endless, but the common vein is this: the thoughts going on in your mind must stop for long enough so that you start to feel your body, feel your emotions, and come home to yourself.

Sometimes when we are the most blocked in our energy, it’s when we most need our spiritual practice. But being humans, at these moments it is when we really, really don’t feel like we want to do the work. Which is why I’m here saying if we do it every day, it becomes a routine, the “dirt” doesn’t pile up and thing’s never seem to get this bad anymore.

Do you now feel called now to incorporate a new practice into your routine? When you get up – spiritual practice, shower, brush your teeth. When you go to bed – spiritual practice, wash your face, brush your teeth. It doesn’t have to be a 20 minute practice. 1-5 minutes connecting into yourself is better than not doing it at all.

Try it – what have you got to lose?

I’d love to hear back from you – please do share your thoughts on this post, or share any spiritual practices that you enjoy to help inspire some of the other readers.


If you’d like some help clearing your energy, removing blocks that may have built up over time or help creating a spiritual practice for yourself, you can book a session with Abby. Visit Abby’s website or email her [email protected] to discuss your needs.