Forced perspective is what photographers do to create images that look “out-of-the-ordinary”. The Dictionary definition is: the use of objects or images that are larger or smaller than they should be, to suggest that they are nearer or further away than they really are.

I believe that we can force a perspective on our lives with our thoughts – blowing things up out of proportion, or dissolving away the truly important things. We mostly do this by either giving too much energy to a belief or an opinion that may in itself be untrue, or we put ourselves in the background, thinking too little of ourselves, making ourselves smaller or less worthy in our own minds than we really are.

It’s time to get closer to what is real. Come into your heart and hear your truth, and allow this to change your world view.

My truth is this: We live in a world where everyone is doing their best with what they have and know. Including myself. When we are awake (and by that I mean conscious of our thoughts, actions and deeds), we act out of love.

When I take a step back and embrace my truth, everything else fades away, and like they say on the television “normal service has resumed”. I’d love to offer this perspective work to you as another tool you can have in your toolbox.

Exercise to release a forced perspective:

  1. What is disturbing you the most right now? What impact is it having on you?
  2. What belief, judgement or opinion around this issue can you let go of today if you remember that everyone is doing the best they can with what they have available to them?
  3. Now that you have given the benefit of the doubt, is there anyone you need to forgive? (this includes you!)
  4. Do you feel now that you can see the world closer to how it truly is? If not, go back to the first step and do it again.
  5. To finish this, what aspect of you can you embrace more, so that you can truly feel how valuable you are?

I would love to know what you think of this exercise, and how you got on with it. If you like this and want more, you can sign up for my weekly energy tips email, where I give more of these exercises, and ways to pull your perspective back into one that comes from love.