When it comes to my children, I’m a mama bear! I keep their privacy private. I have four beautiful individuals who chose me as their mama, and it’s my job to protect them. But it’s also my job to spread healing in the world, and when this incident happened last month I felt compelled to write about it. Mya has given her permission for me to share it here. This story really illustrates why I feel so blessed to be attuned to Reiki and to be able to share Reiki with my loved ones.

Anyone with Reiki Level 1 (beginners) would be able to use Reiki in the way that I did here.


I Chose Reiki Instead of Fear

Lying by the pool in the hot sun, I was blissed out. My two youngest children were splashing away in the baby pool, the two big ones in the big pool, and my husband was reading his book under the shade of the umbrella on the patio. We were at my father’s villa in Portugal, we went every year when we were able, it was like a second home. I had my headphones in, listening to a Beethoven symphony, “It doesn’t get better than this” I thought. And then the screaming started.

Screaming happens many times a day every day in my house, as anyone with children can appreciate! So I didn’t jump off my lounger, it was more like a case of “here we go again”, until I heard within the screaming “There’s blood everywhere!!” and then I knew it was more serious.

Mya is 5 and loves drama, but this time it was different. She managed to get out of the baby pool herself and was hobbling over to me when I saw the shock and fear in her face. I abandoned my headphones and went to her, wrapping her soaking wet body in a towel and bringing her to the chair beside me to find out what had happened.

“I hurt my foot!!” she said between the loud cries. “There’s blood!” I looked at her foot not really expecting to see more than a scrape but there was blood, and lots of it. This was no ordinary scratch, this was deep, so I wrapped the towel around her foot to try and stop the bleeding. At these times I wish that I had a first aid qualification, but all I had to draw on was my motherly instinct, and my Reiki practice.

My heart was racing, I felt anxious and she saw it and her screams got louder. I had to do something to clear my head, so I immediately connected to my own Reiki light. When I felt the Reiki flow through me I felt centred, although I was still worried. “Right let’s sort this out” I said, and picked Mya up, towel blood and all, and brought her from the pool area up to our villa and onto a chair on the patio.


“Ian get the first aid kit, Joshua get me some tissue, Megan get me a can of coke” They all did as they were bid, with Siân (age 3) hanging around to see the blood! I had calmed down a little bit by then and was ready to call a taxi to the hospital if we needed one. I opened the towel and was able to see she had cut her big toe. I wrapped some tissue around the toe and held her little foot in my hand, it was soaked through with blood in minutes but I felt Mya’s body start to relax as she began receiving the Reiki I was offering her and I trusted that together we could handle it.

I unwrapped the tissue as soon as the plasters came and I put a plaster on the cut, Mya had calmed down now and was sipping some coke (a great distraction), and I could feel my heart steadying from the Reiki as I became more grounded.

“I think you and I should tell your toe we are sorry that it got hurt and we’d very much like it to get better” I said to Mya. She nodded. We both spoke to her toe and asked it to get better. I had to change the plaster again almost right away but the bleeding had slowed down substantially after 5 minutes, and I was able to see more clearly what had happened. Mya had somehow sliced off a portion of the back of her big toe, the fleshy part just under the joint. I could see that the cut went deep into her toe and she might need a stitch.

honeyAs I felt the calming sensation of the Reiki treatment I decided that we would stick with the Reiki, as visiting a hospital in a foreign country was not something I really wanted to do. I stayed on the patio giving Mya Reiki for about 20 minutes, and I knew things were improving when I found myself less worried about Mya and more irritated by Siân’s insistence that she needed a plaster too!

Mya was dry by then and the bleeding had stopped so I carried her to the sofa inside to watch TV. I went back to the patio and placed my Reiki hands on myself as I still felt anxious. As I sat there the fear thought patterns kicked in, ego playing tricks on me telling me I wasn’t a good mother, wondering if we really should be going to the hospital… I saw images in front of my eyes of her toe large and infected; thinking it may bleed during the night and then what would we do?

But I caught it, and instead of getting caught in the thought patterns I put my feet down flat on the ground, breathed out the anxiety and asked the universe to help me let the thought patterns go. After a few minutes of Reiki I felt much more centred again.

Not long after I could hear Mya laughing at something, she was in much better form, she wasn’t in pain at all and was joining in playing with the rest of the gang. When I put her to bed that night we sat up on the bed together, me holding her foot to give her another Reiki treatment. She was smiling at me as she held out her own hand to her foot “Mama, can I give Reiki to my foot too?” I was delighted “Yes of course you can love, if we both do it your toe will heal up even faster!” “Like pressing fast forward on the DVD?” she asked “Yes! Exactly!” Mya loved that idea, so we both gave her toe Reiki that evening for about 20 minutes, and then she drifted off to a good night’s sleep (thank goodness).

I was still upset that night, I kept imagining her toe never healing, imagining the cut opening up the next day… so even in my sleep I was giving Mya a Reiki treatment and I could feel it too, it helped me sleep more deeply.

The next day, about lunchtime I felt we should change the plaster. Once it was exposed I wanted to wash the cut but when I trickled some water over Mya’s toe she started screaming that it hurt, so we didn’t get very far. It looked clean so we put a new plaster on and did more Reiki treatments throughout the day.

I felt more confident that it was healing, there was no more bleeding. The next day (day 2) it was like a miracle happened – when we took the plaster off there was only a small open wound in the middle of the sliced area, and the peripheral area had already healed substantially.

I was amazed – it really was like pressing fast forward! We left the plaster off for an hour so the wound could get some air, and when I peaked in to see how Mya was doing she was playing with her teddies as happy as you can be. Later that day we wrapped the toe up waterproof and she went swimming in the adult pool with her dad, no complaining at all. That night we did another Reiki treatment, the both of us together, she felt happy and relaxed, as did I.

Day 3 and we took the plaster off in the morning and it never went back on! The wound was almost fully healed, the skin growing back and Mya delighted with herself as she could walk around, she felt confident to put her weight back on the toe. We did another Reiki treatment that night just to be sure, and since then it’s been life back to normal.

I have never personally seen any wound that serious heal up so quickly. It really seemed that she needed a stitch and that it then “should” have taken more than a week to heal. Instead, with the Reiki treatments it healed in 3 days. And now, a month later, there’s a little scar where the deep part of the cut was, all the skin is pink and healthy and we’re well over it and onto the next thing!


We can’t say scientifically what Reiki does as there are no instruments sensitive enough that are able to directly measure it. But we can show each other though story how we felt when we experienced Reiki healing, and we can share remarkable stories of the body’s ability to recover through Reiki treatments. That’s why I’m sharing this here, and I invite you to share your Reiki stories, either in the comments below, on other blogs, or simply when chatting over a coffee with a friend.

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