It’s a fact. People are connected to their phones. Their phones are an extension of themselves. There’s actually a new term called “Cell Phone Separation Anxiety”, where people get highly agitated and anxious if they can’t find their phone! And nomophobia is also new, the fear of being unreachable by phone. It’s becoming more and more apparent that the younger generations, those who were born and grew up with smartphone’s and tablets, actually are so immersed in their phones they can’t tell the difference between being online and offline, they are online ALL THE TIME.

Imagine being online all the time…..perhaps you already are?

Here’s a test – Have you ever switched your phone on silent and become occupied doing something, then had an urge to check the phone only to find a meaningful message there waiting for you? It was almost as if you just knew that the message was there waiting for you, and you felt the need to check in. Notice it. It’s a real, psychic event because you are connected to your phone in a dual flow, you flow out and it flows in, whether your brain is aware of it or not.

Have you thought about this? What are you allowing into your energy field? What are you putting out there?

Connection to a computer network, whether it is the telephone network or the internet, or both, as perhaps you have now realised, affects your energy field. It also can affect how you hold your boundaries and your personal space. For example, your Facebook timeline becomes your personal space, so if someone posts a photo or a news article on your timeline that you don’t like you may feel an unreasonable amount of anger as if you have been trespassed upon. Amazing isn’t it?

Just as people can connect into your energy and drain you in relationship, there is nothing stopping Facebook “friends” from doing this too, just by being connected to you. Be careful who you connect with and how much of yourself you give away online. Once that embarrassing photo of you is up there, it is up there forever, even if you think you have deleted it, it still lives on the Facebook server.

It doesn’t have to be this way – you can take your power back from the Internet by asking for it to come back.

Try my meditation – Connecting to your Power and Strength and use the internet as the thing you want to disconnect from. See your social media outlet as fun, not serious, and (here’s the important bit)  not as a part of you. Disconnect from your computer and your phone energetically as well as mentally, by being aware when you are online, and when you are no longer online.

Ok by now you can guess that energetically, switching the phone off is a completely different experience to switching it onto silent. When you turn the phone on silent it is still connected to the network, it’s still active. Your phone ticks away in the background every so often connecting into the network. If it’s a smartphone like mine which is loaded up with apps to beat the band, the apps take on an energy of their own too, dipping in and out of cyberspace without you even knowing. Your phone may be silent to your ear when it is sitting on the floor beside you in silent mode, but it’s a singing dancing energetic party draining your energies whether you know it or not.

Yury PropekonoDisconnect from your phone in stages and see what it feels like. For example, one day I was out and about and I decided to switch off email and internet – I turned my phone into a phone! And it felt so different! I felt free, more at peace, not so many people pulling on me. It actually felt, to me, as if a noisy washing machine that was always working in the background just switched itself off. A gap. Peacefulness. Ahhh. Disconnection.

Try it now if you dare – turn your phone off, drop completely off the radar, and create a sacred quiet space for you.


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