Relationships can bring out our “inner muck” – the issues, traumas, fears and limiting beliefs that we hold, no matter how untrue or damaging they may be.

It’s not the other person’s fault that this happens, they challenge us and our “muck” seeps to the surface, we must realise that it is our stuff, and only we can clear it out.

To do this we must be willing to see our own “muck”. This is usually the reason why so many relationships get into trouble. It’s a difficult job to admit something is ours, when it looks so mucky.

If we accept that we are not any of us perfect, that we do have inner “muck” that needs to be cleared, (and not just once but on a constant basis), then we can make a commitment to ourselves to clear it out so we can enjoy our lives better. And in relationships, we could make our partner our “muck buddy” , creating a much healthier atmosphere filled with compassion and love, rather than anger and resentment.

Imagine your inner “muck” was like clearing out horse manure – you’d not go into a mucky stable empty handed and do it bare fisted? If it was really bad you’d ask for help wouldn’t you? And wearing wellies and protective clothing you’d feel safer to do the job? You’d still need a few tools to help you like a rake and a shovel.

We are all the same. We need help sometimes, and other times we need protection, and the tools to do the job. We’re not given these tools at school, and most of us are not even given these tools at home. In fact, home could be the place where most of the muck was spread in the first place.

I always say:  “If you need accounts done and you’re rubbish at math, go ask an accountant. If you need a sink plumbed in, go get a plumber.” If you need help clearing out your inner muck, depending on what it is, there are plenty of people out there who can help. Do not be afraid to ask.

I am here to help you, that’s my Soul’s Purpose. Click here to find out the ways I can help you, depending on how much money you want to invest. It feels so much better when the muck is cleared out. Doesn’t it?

Look after yourselves xoxAbby