If you believe you can do it then you can. If you believe you can have it, then you can. But you have to believe it.

Ok maybe if you want to be 6 inches taller, you can’t have that. Your physical body is limited in it’s capacity and we don’t just grow taller because we want to. But if you want to become a football player or pilot an airplane, then you can do it, but you do have to sign up for the classes!

Action is required.

Like the woman on a webinar I was listening to who said she wanted to have her own TV show. The host of the webinar said “Why not do it now! Get started, it won’t cost you anything – go on YouTube, start your own YouTube Channel!” I think perhaps this woman was hoping to go straight to the top without putting the effort in, but you won’t get a contract to be a talk show host by thinking about it, talking about it or dreaming about it….

But if, just if, you believe that you deserve to be a talk show host, you feel it in your heart and soul that you are that talk show host, and then, you take the action that is required and start filming yourself – interviewing your friends, your family, your teachers… And put it up on YouTube, who knows who will see you up there? And like you, share it, go viral? You may even get an offer to go on television!

Know that it won’t happen if you sit at home talking into your hairbrush about how great it would be to have your own talk show, or your own business, or a new house…. or anything for that matter.

You get the idea. As well as believing you can do it, action is required.