What if you could change one of your limiting beliefs, just for today?

Which one would you pick? Which one, if it was turned around completely, would make your life that much easier?

Be brave and pick one that really affects everything you do – from your motivation levels in the morning, right through to who you choose to call, or what you decide to do before you settle down for the night. This is your opportunity for real change. Feeling stressed about it? That’s a good sign!

The following sentences are examples of limiting beliefs, things that we believe that either put pressure on ourselves, or sabotage us in our tracks and stop us from reaching our full potential:

  • I’m not good enough
  • I could never do that
  • I’m too stupid to learn
  • I need my family’s approval
  • I will never be happy
  • It’s never going to get better

Do you resonate with any of the above? Do these sound familiar? Is there one that you hold dear to your heart that I’ve not listed here? Please, if you’re reading this post it’s for a reason, so slow down and think about it, and try to answer the question as best as you are able.

Limiting beliefs are like sticks that we can use repeatedly over time to beat ourselves up with. What’s going on with that? If we can’t be nice and gentle with ourselves, why do we expect other people will be? Perhaps it’s a cultural limiting belief that we cannot be nice to ourselves? Is that just being selfish do you think?

Let it go. Just for today.

See how it feels if you believe the opposite instead – like “I am good enough”, or “I can do that” (even “I could do that if…” is better than “I can’t do that”). Try on “I can make my own decisions for my own life” for size, does that fit you? How about “Every day holds new possibilities” or “Life gets better every day” ?

If you’re having trouble turning your limiting belief around, remember it’s just for today, not forever. So take a breath and a step back from trying to change the world. Just change the next few hours. Here’s an idea – try asking yourself if your limiting belief is actually true. Who put it there, so close to your heart? You? Your childhood pressures? If you want to, write it down and spend time with it – in whose eyes are you actually not good enough? Your own? What would you expect of someone else? Do you really, really believe that you are a bad person?

Yes these are a lot of questions, but a lot of questions can stir up something in you that gets the flow of energies moving so energy shifts can happen.  And that’s what you want… to mix it all up and drop the heavy stuff, leave it behind. If this starts a process that you feel you’d like to get help with, I’d be delighted to work with you.

Try it. What have you got to lose? Just for today.