Everybody understands at some level that writing can be therapeutic. Most people have had a go at writing a journal. Some have liked it. Some haven’t. I am part of the group of people who haven’t.

Why? I just couldn’t stand how whiny it made me sound. I couldn’t bare the thought of re-reading what I wrote. I sounded so negative, so immature, like someone I wouldn’t like to be friends with.

One day I realized that I could do my journal exactly the way I wanted so I started a positive inspirational journal. I didn’t have to write my diary like my best friend who would pour her heart to her dear “Ginger”. In mine, I would collect quotes and record magical moments of my private and professional life as a healer. I would describe my progress and my aha-moments. And it worked wonderfully well, until… I realized that wasn’t enough.

My inner critic wasn’t having a space to rant. Instead of cluttering the pages of my beautiful inspirational diary with its tantrums, I decided to keep two diaries at the same time. So I had what I called a “release diary” where my inner critic could let rip. The rules were: I was not allowed to read it again, anything that was written in it was gone forever once I finished writing it. It was indeed a mind bin.

I had found the right way to journal, for me. And energetically it made a lot of sense. The two diaries had completely different energies. One was to inspire and uplift, the other was to empty the mind. Emptying the mind is important. My training as a clinical hypnotherapist and a reiki healer has shown me that if our minds become clogged up with negativity, it inhibits our ability to see and think clearly. So the mind bin was a great tool to empty that negativity from my mind as long as I was not allowed to rummage in the bin once the mind was emptied. And this is one of the mistakes most commonly made by people who journal. They put everything in the same diary: the positive and the negative, which doesn’t help the clearing.

The double journal process is only one of the tools I recommend to writers who want to start on their writing journeys. I have tools from many diverse areas of my practice both as an author and a therapist. I have been writing since 1996, but it is only since training as a Reiki Master and a clinical hypnotherapist in 2007 that writing has become easy for me. And I am so excited to be able to share those tools with other writers.


angelmecropped Ange de Lumiere teaches writing workshops in England. You can find out more about her from her website: www.icanmakeyouwrite.com or call on her UK mobile on 07914606729. Ange also has a Facebook page “I can make you write”.