I love to write, but most of all I love to share what I write.  As my Facebook page hits 27 thousand people, my weekly energy tips email is one year old. Over 1000 subscribers, and it’s a marvellous success. Each week I send out observations, tips, exercises, all to teach people about spirituality. To help them learn what they are made of and how to better manage life, relationships, anxiety, how to stop coping and to start living.

As I approached the one year mark I felt it important not to let these emails lie hidden so I put them together in one place – Spiritual Tips for Enlightenment. As I write this post it’s not yet available to buy, I plan to launch it later this week as an eBook, and then have it available soon afterwards in paperback. I am blessed to be gifted the beautiful images that go with the book by my Facebook followers. Thank you thank you all so much. You know who you are!

I thought it fitting to share one of the entries from the book here, as a preview. You won’t have long to wait!


Being Caught off Guard

Sometimes you can be caught off-guard, this usually happens in the workplace but it can be at home or at a family gathering too.

You are caught off-guard when someone who is angry or wants something from you comes into your personal space and disrupts your peace of mind without permission or warning.

The first thing to do in this situation is recognise what is happening to you. Then breathe long deep breaths and feel your feet on the ground to enable you to get a sense of stability and balance. By breathing and connecting to the ground, you can then connect to your source of power and strength which is deep in your stomach.

If it’s overwhelming, even while the person who is causing you stress is continuing to do so, remember that being stable and calm is more important than engaging with them at their level. It may be urgent for them, but it’s more important for you to feel safe.

If it helps, actually place your hands on your stomach to stabilise and reconnect. Keep eye contact with the person and listen, but take the time and space using your intention to reconnect to yourself before you respond. By doing it this way you will be able to respond in a clear, logical way rather than reacting and creating more of the same energy because you are ungrounded.

Remember, you do not have to do anything straight away. You can always say “I will think about it and get back to you”.  The healthier your energy field is, the quicker you will be able to ground and centre yourself when this happens.

Give yourself time to get this right and to be comfortable doing it, if you are in a life situation where this happens to you a lot realise that it can take some time for you to break the old patterns and create new ones. But it’s worth it, you will increase your sense of self-worth, and in doing so, your self-confidence will also increase, and so will the quality of your responses. And after a while, the number of incidents like this will decrease because the person in question is not getting the response they want from you so they will go elsewhere.


Spiritual Tips for Enlightenment will be available from November 15th on www.abby-wynne.com